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GZG Official - New FT Releases, just in time!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 22:12:00 +0000
Subject: GZG Official - New FT Releases, just in time!

Hello all,

Well, I've been promising some new Starships before the end of the 
Xmas offer period - and I've JUST made it, with four days left for 
you to order some (if you want them, of course!). I'd hoped to get 
some more done, but a lot of factors (not least of which is the sheer 
number of orders I've had in already!) have conspired against it - I 
hope you'll like what I did succeed in getting finished.

A lot of folks have bought the fleet pack for the "Mystery Fleet" 
since we made the first few models a good while back, and we've had 
many, many requests for more ships in this line - so, that's what 
we've done: all the existing ships (the two DD types, the BC and the 
Light Carrier) have now had NEW MOULDS made, plus there are three 
all-new classes out today - a little Frigate, a Strike (Heavy) 
Cruiser and a lovely big Dreadnought.

They are all up on the store NOW and ready for your orders!

This is the first time we've made the ships of this fleet available 
by mailorder as individual codes; the "Mystery Fleet" deal pack is 
still available at the moment, but will probably be withdrawn in the 
New Year. Please note that the one code of the original releases that 
I HAVEN'T been able to get remoulded yet is the FIGHTERS - these will 
be out, along with some variant types, in the New Year; for now, you 
still get a couple of fighter groups in the pack deal but I'm afraid 
I can't supply them separately.

The other bit of news about these ships is that they are the "Mystery 
Fleet" no longer - after much lengthy consideration and discussion, 
we've decided that they will be the fleet for the CRUSTIES! The 
ground troops for these crustacean-like exoskeletal aliens have been 
one of our most successful ranges in15mm, and they really needed a 
fleet for FT games - and the more I looked at the ships, the more 
their shape and design style seemed to fit with the tech base of the 
Crusties - so, that's what they are going to be!
Of course, as it's all Sci Fi and our "official" background is all 
completely optional anyway, if you prefer to use the ships for 
another race or faction within your preferred "universe"  then that's 
fine with us - but at least they now have an "official" designation 
for us to refer to them.

There is a new page for the Crusty fleet within the Full Thrust 
section of the store, and you'll find all the ships there.

Please note that I have NOT forgotten about the contest that we ran a 
while back for ideas for this fleet - I will be going back over all 
the entries again and awarding some long-overdue PRIZES to what I 
consider to be the best submissions; more news on this in the New 

Please have a look at the new releases, hope you like them, and hope 
you all have a very happy and peaceful Christmas (or indeed whatever 
festival you prefer to celebrate at this time of year)!

Best wishes,

Jon (GZG)

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