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Re: [GZG] EMP Weapons on Fighters

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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:19:33 +0000
Subject: Re: [GZG] EMP Weapons on Fighters

laserlight wrote:

>If you're going to cripple the EMP fighters that badly, why not just
make them
>missiles and be done with it?

Fighters are slightly different than missiles - and in FT all options
should exist. Though I agree my suggestions may have crippled them too
much, just a few thoughts I chucked out quickly.


>EMP Fighter:
>Can attack only once with it's EMP pulse gun.	After that it is limited
to Anti-Fighter Weapons only.
>EMP hits as following:
>Unscreened: 5 = 1DP, 6 2DP+Reroll
>Screened 1: 5 = 1DP, 6 1DP+Reroll
>Screened 2: 6 1DP+Reroll
>Side Effect, all Fighters (including  EMP carrying) or Missiles (either
Friend or Foe) within 6mu use, >are affected by burst  and are +1 Easier
to hit by PDF.	Heavy fighters	are only affected out to 3mu.  
>Each Fighter Cost +4, and it has a Effectiveness of 3 for our Modular
Fighter Construction rules.

So basically, shooting as for EMP beams as descibed in the OCR Beta
Fleet, with standard Anti-fighter or reduced like Attack Fighters?

I don't think Heavy Fighters should get another benefit - they already
get their -1DRM to hit.

Also, the +1DRM after firing is a reduced penalty if using the modified
(FT 3rd ed hopeful) fighter rules, as they all fire after the ships -
meaning ship based PDF won't gain any benefit.

Sorry to be the one picking away, my group wanted me to put in Needle
Fighters into our campaign, as yet no one has fielded them, but I'm
still not convinced on them - of course, campaign verses straight games
place different emphasis on fighters depending on how you handle

I looked through the pages I compiled my systems list from:
...sadly found no mention of EMP fighters, I owe a lot to the people
that compiled that list (made making my own for FTCamp a hell of a lot


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