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[GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

From: Claus Paludan <cpaludan@t...>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:40:52 +0100
Subject: [GZG] First go at a campaign - some questions

I am in the process of planning a campaign for FT and was planning on 
stealing as much as I could from Paul Radfords campaign rules( as possible.
I looked at Roger B. Wests rules as well 
(, but they had a bit more 
micromanagement than I am aiming for at the start. (Allthough the two 
sets of campaign rules DO look quite the same in some points :))

I have emailed Paul offlist with most of these questions below, but 
thought I would put it out here in the public as well (and he hasn't 
answered me yet - if ever ;) ). I have left the questions as is so the 
"you" part in them were intended for Paul and not being targeted at 
anyone here in particular.

* how do you recieve orders? Do you have a specific format that the 
players should use, and if so would it be possible to see it?

* you mention " ยท When a system is gained or lost, don't forget to tell

the referee or update your FTC file as appropriate." - what is this FTC 
file and what does it look like?

* How do you handle the umpire participating in the campaign? If at all 

* where do you get the hex maps with numbers from.(found a numbered hex 
map on my own account during the week-end). And what is the legend to 
the symbols on your campaign maps?

* I might put up a webpage of my own with pics and battlereports etc and

of course my modified (why can't we wargamers ever just use things as 
is? :) ) campaign rules. I would however very much like to credit the 
original work and authors and it seems like your set of rules  has some 
of the same text as Roger's (or the other way around). To whom should I 
give credit?

* if you have any objections against me putting stuff like this on the 
net please let me know and I will make sure it is only available to my 
own players!


Additional question (this should really have gone to Paul, but I
He mentions a spreadsheet 
( which I would 
very much like to get my hands on (or similar if any one has a good idea

that I can use).

I am still in the process of determining whether we should transport 
RP's from their extraction point to shipyards/homeworld or just make 
them universally available right away.

So shoot away.. I have a strange feeling that Captain Vladimir Semenoff
might appear in this campaign as well :) (well - depending on how people

react to the empire.. ehhhrr umpire playing as well :))


With kind regards
Claus Paludan

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