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Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 10:56:45 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] laser classes

>  sorry men I didn't explain it that well yes the to 2  class 1 beams 
> did a total of 19 between them in one turn , and for some reason in 
> our games , it's not unusual to reroll 3 times on the one die eg, 6.6 
> and 6, no there not special dice, and one of my gamer's now  works 
> for the Australian department of statistic's and he can never believe 
> the dice rolling in our games , then he rattles of the chance of that 
> happening ,but it doesn't work at the casino for some reason.
>  but since it seem's to be that regular an event in our games , I'll 
> still be bringing in the rule you cannot have more rerolls than the 
> class of your beam weapon .

Is that rerolls per each die or for all the dice in a single beam

Do you roll each beam separately?  We just pile all the beam dice being
from one ship at another together and roll them all at once to save 
time so you
never know which beam that single die with all the rerolls came from. 
Separating them out would take more time and I like rolling handfulls 
of dice.

This change will also penalize small escorts probably more than larger 
ships as
a high percentage of their weapons mass comes from Beam 1's and maybe a 
Beam 2.
Tbey are already overpriced when using NPV and this will just hurt them
loosing rerolls that a larger ship would get to keep.

Dean Gundberg

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