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RE: [GZG] Some easy Dirtside questions

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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 21:00:26 +0100
Subject: RE: [GZG] Some easy Dirtside questions

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> Subject: [GZG] Some easy Dirtside questions

> Damage effects: What happens to a vehicle which is damaged
> twice?

My group have always counted damage to a damaged vehicle as
a KO regardless of whether the chits arrived in the same or
a subsequent draw, but the rules don't state what should

> Mobility hits: Can these be repaired in the same way as a
> systems failure?

No. Pg 30 col 1 makes explicit reference to repairing Systems
Down, but describes Immobilisation in terms that make it
pretty clear the vehicle is stationary for the remainder of
the battle. Likewise, the Repairing rule (pg 32 col 2) and
the Backup Systems (pg 45 col 2) refer solely to repairing
Systems Down results.

In previous discussions on the list, real-world types have
stated that unless things are pretty lethal outside most
crews will bail out.

> Vehicle repair: Does an attempt to repair a systems failure
> count as an action, or do you get a 'free' roll at the start
> of each activation (i.e., can you fire in the same turn that
> your systems were fixed)?

We've always done repairs as a separate roll at the beginning
of the turn (which is simpler, but not what the rules say).
Again, it isn't clear if a repair counts as the unit's action 
or not.

> Close assault: Can a vehicle initiate a close assault in an
> urban area? If so, do they have to make reaction tests like
> infantry does?

In theory, there's no reason why they shouldn't close-assualt.
Yes, confidence tests are essential. However, the rules
downgrade vehicle weaponry considerably. If you have them,
don't forget your APFC blasts which should count before enemy
infantry get to your tanks.

In practice, even vehicles with APFC tend to die in a barrage
of IAVRs if they get anywhere near a built-up area held by

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