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RE: [GZG] laser classes

From: dean@s...
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:42:50 -0500
Subject: RE: [GZG] laser classes

> what a week for my nac fleet, i have a problem with 2 class 1 laser's
> doing a total of 19pts of damage in one turn	,  thanks to rerolls, so
> with my group I'm bringing in the rule class 1's get one reroll, class
> 2's get two and class 3's get three etc etc etc.

As has been stated, that was a 1 in 3 million chance of happening, and
tend to remember the wild results and forget about all the average

> so at the moment I'm wondering , equal pt's
> battles don't seem to work well with some fleet's , of course I've
> into account luck with rolling,

Not knowing your tactics, it is hard from someone on this list to know 
for sure
but often I have seen the real problem in this situation to be the
players not
adapting their tactics to the fleets abilities.  Also which movement 
system are
you using as they points are based on Cinematic not Vector.

> but the worst fleet I play against is
> the U.N.S.C man I blame bab5 for the graser's they tear me up badly,
> it takes that long to get into class three range with movement 4 and 2
> and there missiles are dam right lethal,

Some of your terminology is not quite standard, like 'lasers' instead of
as FT is generic so they could be Lasers, Phasers, Particle Beams or
your want.  In this case you state "movement" and not "thrust" so that
you might be having ships only move 4 or 2 and not changing their speed 
by 4 or
2 which would make a big difference.  Plus Cinematic or Vector?  The the
grasers usually are single arc so are harder to use in Cinematic but
have a
much easier time getting you into arc in Vector.

> so finally I get to my pt,I
> know that somefleet's are meant to be state of the art, and that some
> are meant to be just in a bad state, but are we risking  reason why we
> play full thrust, so as we can  power game  the fleets eg, my fleet
> class 3 laser's , so he buy's a fleet with class 4's, it just seem's
> me any fleet played right of course, should be able to take on any
> fleet with the same chance of winning.

That should be true given correct tactics, even playing ability and 
average dice
rolls.	The NPV has some problems underpricing big ships so what kind 
of mix of
ships do you usually have in one of your fleets in a game?  If he is
class 4s, that is a lot of mass where you can mount a whole lot more 2s 
and 3s,
just get up close and you should have more dice to roll than he does.

Dean Gundberg

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