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Re: [GZG] Turrets and bodies separate

From: Brian B <brianbinor@g...>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 06:05:13 -0700
Subject: Re: [GZG] Turrets and bodies separate

I hate it when someone makes my point much better than I did.

Then again, I l;ove it when that happens, too.

On 10/13/05, Thomas Barclay <> wrote:
> I must say, I have several lines of tanks (possibly old CMD ranges or
someone else's) in
> 1/300th where subsituting turrets is easy and you can change turrets
and thus easily have
> grav chassis, AC chassis, or tracked (theoretically, wheeled would be
possible too).
> That's handy.
> In 25mm, I can't think of any really good reason this could not be
done too. Some have
> started by letting you make orders for an AIFV, an FCS, or the like
all from the same
> similar appearance. I had conversations with David at DLD about this,
but his casting is
> multipart and very detailed, so its a bit of a different beast.
> Using single major part pour moulds, you'd still think standardizing
on say 3 sizes of
> turret rings (one for small turrets, one for medium turrets, one for
larger turrets) would
> be good enough. Use these for all chassis' and then you're set. You
can mix and match
> turrets and chassis. And, when making your moulds, just make smaller
ones with 1 or more
> turrets. Make 2 or 3 turrets of the same type in a mould, instead of a
vehicle chassis +
> turret.
> To avoid too much stock sitting about, just keep a small stock of each
body or turret and
> then pour more as needed.
> Rather than increasing your inventory (which, BTW, is a problem that
even a simple POS
> system ought to handle quite nicely, or web commerce solution), it
might actually do the
> opposite. Instead of having to make 10 different grav chassis, you
need make six. But with
> six different turrets, that's 36 combinations, instead of 10. You see
my point - fewer
> actual moulds and fewer actual different stock items, but more
possible final products.
> Yes, this does require a bit of planning and discipline.
> The other option is make all turrets flat bottomed. You have to think
that would agree
> with pour moulds generally. Then make the three 'turret elevators'
(the ring part that
> would be moulded at present into the turret) separate. Then you can
even go one step
> further and sometimes, using a different elevator ring size, fit
larger turrets to hulls
> not normally designed for it. It might look odd, but if you've ever
seen some historical
> monstrosities, you know this is hardly unprecedented. That offers the
benefit of somewhat
> decoupling turret ring size from the individual turret. Then you'd buy
a turret ring
> elevator, a turret, and a chassis.
> I was very much of the opinion that if I ever get a place with a
garage where I can do
> some casting, this is the kind of thing I'd do. And I think it could
be profitable for a
> business doing it, for the aforementioned reason of having more models
available while
> still having fewer actual moulds and separate inventory items.
> Of course, what do I know.... ? (Adrian, Laserlight... no need to
answer... or for that
> matter, any of you who've met me... that goes double for Beth...
> Tom B
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