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[GZG] RE: [FT] Repair ships

From: Noam Izenberg <noam.izenberg@j...>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 08:07:16 -0400
Subject: [GZG] RE: [FT] Repair ships

> From: "Robertson, Brendan" <>
> Repairing Hull and Armour is the perview of proper yard facilities  
> and takes
> longer than the Damage Control timescale allows.

I agree, but "Field repair" should be able to a) slap armor plates  
over hull breaches, and b) shore up structure with reinforcement. To  
me, this means that Field repair should be able to
a) replace up to original armor of a ship that *starts* with armor  
(round up), and b) restore hull boxes up to the current full row  
(i.e. a 4-row  ship with 16 hull that's received 7 damage, should be  
able to have 3 hull repaired by a FRF, filling out the 2nd hull row.  
A ship with only one box per row should be able to repair one hull  
box total.
The Armor restoration is important to balance screens, which *can* be  
repaired (and at one shot) by FRF's. In fact, IMO, Armor repair  
should be 1d6 armor repaired on a roll of 4+, again, to balance  
screens. I also think that a natural 1 on the repair roll means that  
the system *can't* be field repaired and must be replaced by a shipyard.

> Part of the reason for this is the FTJava campaign that's about to  
> test.
> With an acceptable mechanic in place, I can try coding it so the file
> doesn't need hacking next time one is run.

That would be very, very neat.

> Taking Oerjan's comment on board as well:
> Field Repair Facility
> Mass: 10
> Cost: 50 CPV
> Spare Parts Cargo: 1 mass/5 NPV
> Target must meet criteria for a Boarding Action (see MT) in order to
> undertake repairs.  Each turn, it can attempt to repair ONE  
> system.  If
> damaged, it is repaired on a roll of 4+, if destroyed (using	
> optional rules)
> it is restored to damaged status on a roll of 6+ and can then be  
> further
> repaired.  Each repair attempt consumes 1 Mass of cargo.

I like this. I'd be tempted to try it in the FTJ campaign, but I  
don't know how much extra hacking work it would be, so probably not  
this time.


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