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[GZG] [SG] Of Vehicles and Nations

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@m...>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:32:56 -0400
Subject: [GZG] [SG] Of Vehicles and Nations

In 25mm, IMGZGU (In My GZG Universe):

I find it is a good idea to come up with an army doctrine or flavour and
use that to guide
some of your selections. I picked the NSL to be too poor to afford grav
in large numbers,
so I have them use a lot of AC to get them speed and mobility. I picked
ESU and NAC as
mainline grav users, but big enough to have everything in their
arsenals. I picked UNSC
and Kravak to be advanced grav users with sleek or unusual looking
vehicles, relative to
the more conventional flying bricks. I pick the FSE, PAU, and other
smaller power to use
more wheeled and robust/simple vehicles. OUDF uses robust vehicles that
have very long
service life and can be repaired on remote outposts and can handle
oddball climatic or
atmospheric conditions, since they claim every rock not occupied by
someone else. 

Flavour: Generally wheeled, must be capable of operating on all sorts of
planets no one
else would claim, so capable of tough terrain, high winds, poor
visibility operations.
Galoob 25mm Aliens APC - rugged, capable of off road, heavily armed, big
enough to deploy
larger sections, drop ship portable
Galoob Aliens Dropship - Gunship support (not to scale with the APC)

Flavour: Robust. Reliable. Heavily armed and armoured. Utilizes
everything from Grav to
tracked. Heavy use of PA for shock troops. 
Grav APC - Eureka's Cockroach APC (grav APC with a turreted main gun,
maybe HEL or DFFG
and coax)
ESU Heavy PA - Old style Heavy Gears

Flavour: Graceful looking, higher tech appearance than most human
forces, advanced grav
for propulsion and weapons systems, stealth coatings (black grav
vehicles!), and extensive
use of hardsuits and heavier PA. Light infantry uses beret'd GZG mercs
Grav APC - GW Tau Devilfish 
Grav Tank - GW Tau Hammerhead
UNSC Heavy PA - Old style Heavy Gears

Flavour: Fast, mobile. Hammers Slammers or Rommel's Revenge. Air
cushioned for good
compromise of terrain mobility and cost (assume Grav is more expensive).
hardshell suits. 
NSL Heavy PA - Old style Heavy Gears
NSL Tank - GZG Goliath (or maybe Gladiator, I always get them confused)
AC Tank
NSL Utility Vehicle - GZG Enclosed AC Jeep, including mods for ambulance
and for anti-air
(Stinger-2184 Post)

Flavour: Large, has just about everything in its force somewhere.
Utility Vehicle: GZG Open topped AC Jeep. 
Wheeled Tank Destroyer: GZG Coonhound FSV
Wheeled APC: LIPPC interface portable wheeled 6x6 APC
Super Heavy Tank: Diemos Grav or Hover Tank

Flavour: Cheap. The Legion never gets the best kit. They make up for it
by sucking it up
and soldiering on. They must have robust gear that operates without much
field support and
can be repaired using local materials. 
FSE APC - SCARAB/ATAC from the old Grendel Line (6x6 wheeled APC
mounting a front hull
rotary SAW and a gatling cannon in a turret)
FSE APC2 - GZG Phalanx 8x8 wheeled APC

Flavour: Graceful, alien, advanced grav weapon and propulsion systems.
Tank: Armourcast Tempest OOP 28mm Grav Tank
Tank: Epicast grav tank (name eludes me)
Infantry Support: Star Wars rolling Terminators 
Heavy PA: Eureka's Alien Hunters (not-Preds)

GZG AC trucks
GZG AC command post
Stomper's Wheeled Trucks
Toy Hummers

I still have a lot of unassigned vehicles: 
DLD's scout cars(x2), tracked recce vehicles (x3), Civet Grav tank(x3),
and ?? grav APC
(x2 or 3), kamodo wheeled APC (x4, might be FSE), kamodo TOC (x1),
kamodo FSV (x1). The
wheeled ones may be FSE or maybe PAU and the grav ones will end up going
to the more
advanced powers like ESU, NSL or maybe some smaller forces. 
Grendel Raptor and Nemesis walkers. (NSL, likely)
Grendel Corvus VTOL
Toy V-22 Osprey (generic black ops insertion vehicle)
Toy Blackhawk helos (ditto)
Scratchbuild grav tank based on chassis of GZG Striker, sans
transmission and wheels
Patriot Missile Launcher (generic likely)
Star Wars white metal snowspeeders (x6)
Star Wars landspeeder in white metal
Star Wars AT-ST (one model, 2 new WOTC vehicle figs)
GZG Gauntlet APCs
GZG Goliath tanks (assuming Gladiator is the NSL one, or maybe it is
vice versa)

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