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[GZG] [GZG Fiction] Greetings from the Martian Quarter

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:24:40 +1000
Subject: [GZG] [GZG Fiction] Greetings from the Martian Quarter

Well K it seems like an age since I last had time to ping you. Sorry
still no vid. SAM phutzin' the waves is setting us back centuries in the
comms department. I've landed myself a 3d pass in Vologansk, curtesy of
looking like I had nothing to do right when the General needed a jalopy
driver. So after a brew or ten I decided to write you bro. Sorry you
weren't first on the list, but I figured a hero of Barnard's Run would
understand priorities.

Vologansk is the usual mix of stunning beauties in suicide heels, squat
astro's, beanvine Marzukis, square jawed boys from Kansas and the ever
scowling Euris. I reckon hell'd freeze over before they cracked a smile,
at least one minus gold teeth. I know of a sure fire employment option
once we beat the SAMs, gold mining for Euri dentists. Doesn't seem
they'll ever start using normal fake teeth like the rest of us.
Life in Pikalevo is as rough as ever. Sidewalks are crumbling, I doubt
one square angled building remains in the whole place and a complete set
of plaster's a joke. The place is a veritable dust bath. Dust and rust.
Not that you can tell the difference much with this Martian dust. On top
of that the SAMs have messed the atmosphere so good you need a snout at
all times. Mind you the clime control has been out for months so you'd
be coughing your guts out on transport fumes even if they declared you
could go snoutless. Convoys roll through at all hours, truck after
truck, huge things, full of bodies and boxes for the line. Only thing
keeping the place habitable are the cracks in the habdome. Wind whistles
straight through, takes all the O2, and its bone numbing cold, but takes
all the grit too. SAMs done us a favour and a half on that one.
Everytime they get the major cracks sealed my eyes start to smart, but
the SAMs send some more whistlers our way and we get some new cracks to
vent the place. Weird world K, weird world.

Funny how you get used to stuff though. You can tell the new guys,
they're the ones who look like deer in the headlights, jumping at each
explosion and gawping when the Euri truck drivers pop some pedestrian
who made them use their brakes. Give it a couple of days though and
you're right at home. Never hit me how much until I got this pass to
Vologansk. I feel naked walking round without polyclads or rifle, you
can cross the road without riskin' your life (Pikalevo drivers believe
in survival of the fittest, T G I'm fit) and the plain old traffic
sounds and shouting and noise of the city seems oddly quiet without the
cracks of Krak artillery in the background. Hell you can even drink the
water here! You wouldn't dare in Pikalevo, strictly that crappy issue
sugar distillate mix or the local hops (less like flitter fuel once you
get a taste for it).

Not much else for now, you know most of the rest of the drill. Goin'
about what you have to while you watch the line and dodge the bullets.
Lotta guys have taken up on the local preachin'. Me I'm more for the
Krishna's. Well at least their food. Funny how those little beggars get
everywhere (bit like the local lice), but their grub is good and cheap!.
Way cheaper than any other slophouse and so good (best food since I set
foot on Mars). 

Don't do anythin' I wouldn't K. Been good nattin' with ya (can't tell ma
she'd fret).


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