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From: "laserlight@q..." <>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 11:52:52 -0400
Subject: Re: [ECC AAR} FMA Sheep

>Somehow I don't think "Early Intervention" will be sufficient for the 
FMA:Sheep players...

Oh, it's possible.  Despite Adrian's claim, roughly 45 of this year's
attendees seem to have made it through the FMA Sheep game with minimal
psychiatric trauma.

And as far as liability goes, that's covered.  The event rules include a
waiver printed on the Quick Reference Sheet:
"FMASheep is an Extreme event and severe mental trauma is a normal and
expected hazard of participating.  Consequently, Players agree that GZG,
the GZG ECC committee, and the Gamemaster are released from any and all
liability whatsoever for physical, spiritual or psychological injuries
sustained in or around this activity; and agree to hold harmless and
indemnify the aforesaid releases in case of claim or suit by themselves
and/or their family members, heirs, or representatives, to the extent of
any and all costs, expenses, damages, judgments, verdicts, and fees.
Players also agree not to hit the Gamemaster, no matter how justified it
may be. Rules presented are playtest beta status and may not resemble
official rules. FMAS and FMASkirmish are copyright 1996-2005 by Ground
Games/Jon Tuffley. Baa."

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