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Re: [FT] Agility

From: J L Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 02:22:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] Agility

--- Laserlight <> wrote:
> How many of you vac heads would like to see a ship's Turn ability be
> uncoupled from its Thrust rating?
> And if you like the idea, what house rules would you suggest?

Our house rule, posted previously in the VV discussion:

We use the following with Cinematic movement.  The basic idea can
easily be adapted to Vector.

This was designed to simulate ships depicted with large main engines in
the rear which are shown to move cinmaticly, such as SW, B5 Narn and
Centuari, BSG (original), etc.	PSB is that there is a "gravitic" array
on the front and sides of the ship's bow that allows it to conserve its
momentum when making turns, thus turning cinematicly.

This system allows ships built with the standard construction rules to
be used with no change (such as MASS or NPV) other than to the engine
icons.	It allows a wider range of damage scenarios ("main engines at
75%, Captain!"), as well as some interesting things like not being able
to turn right *cough*Bismark*cough*. :)

MD thrust is bought at a rate of 5% TMF per 2 MD points and 2 PV per
MASS.  Each 2 points is represented by a standard drive-2 icon on the
SSD (so a thrust-4 ship has two MD-2 icons).  MD thrust can only be
used to accelerate the ship.  It may not be used for deceleration or

Maneuvering thrust is bought at a rate of 5% TMF per Maneuver point and
2 PV per MASS.	A maneuver point can be used to make a 1-point course
change or to decelerate by 1mu.  It may not be used for acceleration. 
The system is assumed to be able to use the entire Maneuver capability
in any direction represented by the arrays: Port, Starboard, Forward

The Maneuver System is represented by a group of 4 symbols.  First is a
simple box containing a number (the maneuver rating), representing the
gravity/warp/whatever generator deep inside the ship.  Around the box
are three isosoles triangles pointing to the right, left, and forward,
with the base of each triangle connected to the box by a line like that
connecting a SML to its magazine.  These represent the arrays on the
surface of the ship.

When a ship takes a threshold check, roll seperately for each MD icon. 
For each icon that fails a threshold check, roll one die.
1-3 = 1 thrust point is damaged
4-5 = 2 thrust points damaged
6 = 2 thrust points damaged and roll again for the same icon.
If an icon takes more than 2 points damaged at a given time, then for
each additional point damaged 1 point is not repairable during the
course of the game.  e.g. an icon has 1 point damaged and fails a
second threshhold for 2 points damaged (total 3), now one point is
damaged and unrepairable, while the second is damaged but repairable.

When taking Threshold checks, roll for the maneuvering arrays before
the maneuvering generator.  If an array fails, then the ship's ability
to maneuver is reduced.  The forward array is required to decelerate,
the left array to make starboard turns, and the right array to make
port turns.

After checking for the arrays, if none failed the check, then the main
system takes its check as if it were a Core System.  If any of the
Arrays failed their check, then then main system takes its check as a
normal system.	If the Main Manuvering system fails its check, roll a
1-3 = 1 maneuver point is damaged
4-5 = 2 maneuver points damaged
6 = 2 maneuver points damaged and roll again


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