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"Full Burnean" - FT in the Gundam Universe

From: JBrewer@w... (John Brewer)
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 01:02:49 -0500
Subject: "Full Burnean" - FT in the Gundam Universe

With the completetion of the first run of "Gundam Seed" on the Cartoon
Network, I thought I would compile some notes that could be used to
create a campaign in the Gundam universe using FT rules...

MOBILE SUITS - multimode configurable fighters that are USUALLY fixed in
B-mode.  The Taurus mobile suits found in Gundam Wing can convert from
B-mode to F-mode, but NOT G-mode.  They are also further customisable
based on type of mobile suit - light [Ball "UC0079, 8th MS Team"], A.I.
[Mobile Doll "Gundam Wing"], pulse cannon/heavy [Virgo "Gundam Wing" -
Buster "Gundam Seed"], stealth [Blitz "Gundam Seed"], ect...  

GUNDAMS - To simulate the power and durability of these experimental,
state-of-the-art, single-unit mobile suits, it is presumed that a single
Gundam has the defacto firepower of a full group of 4-6 heavy fighters.
Eventhough a hit scored on a Gundam is against a single fighter, the hit
DOESN'T destroy the Gundam - it just reduces its defacto firepower by 1
[the shot blows off an arm or leg].  Gundams are customisable, based on
type - the Heavy Arms from "Gundam Wing" is fitted with the effect of a
fighter missle rack with multiple but not unlimited charges - DOUBLE
that for the Heavy Arms "Endless Waltz" Custom.  The Wing Gundam's
3-shot Buster Rifle can be simulated by using a "ship-sized" submunition
pack, pulse torpedo, or (if you want to be REAL nasty) CLASS 1+ WAVE


Tech: Human (FB) [Gundam]  
Govt: Earth Federation/Atlantic Federation  
Mass: 190  
Cost: ??? (???)  
Clas: Mobile assault ship  
Strm: Partial  
FTL: None  
MD: 2  
Armr: 16  
Hull: 62 (Military)  
Damg: 16/16/15/15  
Crew: 10  
Sens: Std.  
  3 x FCS  
  4 x PDS [Igelstellung]  
  1 x Class-3 beam (AP, FP, F, FS)  
  1 x Class-3 beam (FP, F, FS, AS)  [Gottfried]  
  2 x K-3 (F) [Valiant]  
  2 x Pulse Torpedo (F) [Lohengrin]  
  1 x Salvo Missle Launcher (FP, F, FS)  
  1 x Salvo Missle Magazine (4 Std. Salvos)  
  2 x Fighter Bay  
  I don't know the NPV for this ship - I used the Mjollnir class
Superdreadnought from the Full Thrust Ship Registry - it's a ship of the
right size without screens as part of its defence - I moved the mass
from the FTL to the partial streamlining, and swaped out the armaments.  

NEWTYPE/CO-ORDINATOR - genetically gifted pilots of mobile suits &
Gundams get an additional +2 to their rolls, including bonuses from
piloting experience.  Amuro Ray/Kira Yamato starts with a +1 to his
rolls as a "green" newtype/co-ordinator.  Char Aznable/Rau LeCreuset is
+3 as an "ace" newtype/co-ordinator.  

This should be a start.  As always, I invite - and look foreward to -
your comments.  

"Always strive to be a good person.  If you can't do that, at least
strive to be someone other than an asshole."  

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