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From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 16:13:59 -0500
Subject: [FT][AAR] IF vs NSL

NSL: Two Marias and a Radetzky (NPV 1023)
IF: Two Hattins and two Sahaabahs (NPV 1010)

The battle opened with the forces about 44mu apart.  The NSL was in a
tight triangle moving at speed 6, with the Marias leading and the CE
trailing; the IF forces were at speed 12, in line abreast with ships
spaced about 4mu from their neighbors.

Turn 1: NSL lumbered straight ahead at speed 6, while one IF element
(Hattin and Sahaabah) went P2-2 and the other moved S1P1-2, both
ending at speed 10.  Range 30 shots burned through a Sahaabah's armor
and did two points of hull, and took two points of a Hattin's armor;
IF returned two beam dice (one B3 for each Hattin) for five points to
the CE.

Turn 2: The Sahaabahs volleyed their missiles (all Standard).  NSL
held course and speed; left IF element moved P2+2, right element moved
S1P1+2.  The HMs all made secondary moves to select the same Maria.
Fire at range 20 stripped the armor from the other Maria and both
Hattins.  PDS fire from the Radetzky killed two missiles and the
targeted Maria killed two more; the remaining four impacted for 25
points, not quite enough for a double threshold.

Turn 3: NSL moved S1-1; the left IF element moved S2+2 and the right
moved P1+2.  The left IF element was still in the NSL's FS arc; the
right element (cue ominous music) was in the enemy's aft port arc.
The NSL concentrated their fire on the left Hattin, which went from
"lost two hull" to "nebula" in short order; IF fire pounded on the
damaged Maria, still without causing any serious system losses.

Turn 4:  NSL warms FTL; the left Sahaabah moves S2-2, while the right
element moves P2-2 to end in the NSL's Aft arc at about 11mu range.
The CP polished off the damaged Maria; the CH killed the Radetzky.

Turn 5: The surviving Maria jumps out.

NSL status: The surviving Maria lost all its armor but no hull.
IF status: One Sahaabah lost all armor and 4 hull, the other was
untouched; the surviving Hattin lost one hull row.

NSL comments on the IF: "They're bloody annoying.  It seemed like they
were able to do more damage while taking less hits...or maybe it's
just your dice. Heavy Missiles seemed too powerful."
IF comments: "HMs didn't really do as much damage as I'd envisioned
but they're okay against slow moving FB ships.	IF was able to
maneuver around the flanks and not worry about keeping targets in
arc.. of course, that's against NSL.  Overall, pretty decent."

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