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Re: [SG][FT] Blank Data Sheets

From: "Steve Pugh" <steve@p...>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 13:33:25 -0000
Subject: Re: [SG][FT] Blank Data Sheets

On 30 Jan 2004 at 20:48, Brian Burger wrote:

> Also, a request for visitors to my site: I'm having trouble debugging
> the CSS; the main content (on the tan background) should be appearing
> beside the dark menu bar, but on many broswers it's appearing only
> below the menu bar, and I cannot replicate this error on my machine,
> in any of the four broswers I've got. If you get this error, could you
> please drop me a note w/ broswer/OS/screen res noted? Thanks!

Can't replicate here with:
IE 5.01
IE 5.5
IE 6
Opera 5.12
Opera 6.06
Opera 7.23
Netscape 4.8
Netscape 6.2.3
Netscape 7.1
Mozilla 1.5
Firebird 0.7
all running on Win XP

I would hazard a guess at the problem being confined to Mac IE5 which 
is a bit fussier about side by side floats than other browsers. 
Either that or browsers with no CSS support at all. However, I don't 
have enough experience with the Konqueror/Safari family to know 
whether they'd also be likely to give problems here.

> Any CSS gurus in the house?

Um, I guess so.

You do have a problem with the Blade Runner quote. You've set the 
height of the dark grey top strip at 100px but the text takes more 
room than that. IE buggily ignores the 100px and expands the top 
strip, other browsers correctly honour the 100px and so the text 
spills out over the boundary and onto the lighter background below. 
I'd suggest removing the 100px height altogether.

Apart from that the only errors are that you've reused id="changed" 
within the page, but IDs are supposed to be unique. Use class 
instead; and the inline style on line 32 of the HTML has width: 100; 
height: 100; with no units. In CSS all lengths apart from zero must 
have a unit.


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