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Selling my Fleet

From: Alderfek@a...
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 01:04:35 EST
Subject: Selling my Fleet

Hi folks, well its been a long time since I played any FT,
so I have decided to sell off all my FT minis to pay for
some of my other hobbies. Dont worry though, I still have
all my Star Trek and Star Wars micro machines to use.

What I have MIB:
3 packs of Arapaho corvettes
1 pack of Waldberg destroyers
2 packs of Nanuchka corvettes
2 packs of Lenov scouts
2 Ko'Vol battleships
2 Kronprinz Wilhelm light cruisers
1 Foch super dreadnought
1 Victoria battleship
1 Komarov super dreadnought
1 Lo'Vok battle dreadnought
1 Majestic battlecruiser
3 packs of Ka'Tak corvettes
2 Petrograd battleships
1 Inflexible light fleet carrier

What I have loose or bagged:
4 Furious escort cruisers
2 Vandenburg heavy cruisers
4 Tacoma heavy frigates
2 Minerva frigates
3 Arapaho corvettes
3 Huron light cruisers
7 Ticonderoga 
1 Excalibur(bagged)
2 Ark Royal fleet super carriers
1 Valley Forge super dreadnought
1 Majestic battlecruiser
4 Harrison scouts
2 Vandenburg drive sections
1 Victoria drive section
137 various human fighters with flight stands
24 Kra'Vak fighters with flight stands

I tossed around numbers and I would like to get $250 from
the lot.
I can be reached at:


BSA Pack 23 & Troop 23 Rockmart/Aragon, Ga.
Technical Cartoonist

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

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