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Reminds me of a local personality who popped over to New Zealand for

convention quite a few years back.  

In answer to the usual question "anything to declare", the answer was

knives & armor".  They thought he was joking; until the full scale

of an Aliens Sentry Gun went through the x-ray machine!

A 30 minute photo shoot then ensued with the gun set up pointing at the

walk-through metal detector (rather disconcerting for any passengers who

knew what it was!) >>

WTF was he thinking...

In the USA now I'm pretty sure that would get him arrested, or at least 
detained.  However I'm not sure how to properly explain what it was, if
they were 
"Props" as I've meet some security checkers and if they don't understand
get down right annoyed, but anything that looks like a weapon is treated
as suc

Of course with all these other stories, I have to include mine:

Years ago I was traveling back from a convention, out of state after
awake 36-48 hours, and I was driving home with my minis and rest of my
stuff sitting in the back seat of my Horizon.

Well, about 4:30am I got stopped by a State Trooper, who came up ask all
questions they normally ask when they think you might have been
drinking, and 
when he got to the question of "Do U have any Weapons on you or in the

I answered "No," and just about that point his flashlight panned into
back seat, and saw my minis case (3 Pistol cases).  It my sitting back
in the 
squad car, and him opening the cases not so gentle, and then having me
Battletech to him.

End result, No Ticket and I was wide awake.  

But learned a great lesson that morning, minis cases always go into the

Have a Good One,

DOC Agren

     (Lurker on the Digest)

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