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Re: Trek Doomsday Machine

From: "Matt Tope" <mptope@o...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:11:27 -0000
Subject: Re: Trek Doomsday Machine

Brian Bilderback wrote:

>As an aside, I was curious how people who use FT to play in the ST
>deal with the fact that in ST, ships can manouver and fight while FTL?

Dump FTL system, use normal or advanced drives, claim vessels can go to
if thrust is undamaged, otherwise assume all fights are fought on
drives. If go to warp, exit table and disengage. Cinematic movement, as
thats how the trek ships like to move. (Besides I'm the only one in my
who is willing to give vector a go, every one else refuses).

Took this from TNG/DS9 where the majority of actions seem to be fought
impulse drives (The main battles against the domonion all seemed to be
warp to me, then there is the early TNG one with the ferengi and the
manoever). Warp speed actions tended to be stern chases (Borg cube V
Enterprise, Defiant chased by Attack cruiser and Bird of Prey in way of

>From this I made the assumption that the average ship, when at warp, is
using more power for propulsion and shielding, leaving little for
weaponry. Besides, I have to wonder if a vessel is moving at warp 8 (for
example) and fires a phaser/photon/disruptor, when the shot exits' the
bubble wouldn't it be caught by the normal laws of physiscs, ;-), slow
to a mimimum of the speed of light and be left behind the fighting space
craft, doomed to forever to try and catch up?


Matt Tope

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