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Re: India, GZG-style (LONG)

From: "Matt Tope" <mptope@o...>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 11:15:22 -0000
Subject: Re: India, GZG-style (LONG)

Ryan Gill wrote:

>Question, It may have been answered already.

>Since India is right there next to the ESU, does that make the
>potential competitors? If so, would a warming of the relations with
>the NAC seem more effective (Far easier to work with the NAC in
>English which is still the official business language in India).

Currently I would say that India is on good terms with all three NAC
nations. Certainly the ties between Britain and India are strong, with
people of Indian decent making up 2.5% of the British population making
the largest of the ethnic minority's. Also, with the war on terror, It
like India and the USA have gotten a lot more interested in each other
(mutual distrust of Pakistan being a major factor). Canada and India
also get along, the only nation I can recall Canada really falling out
recently is Spain. Other than that Canada seems to get on with everyone.
lot of business from Britian (call centres and such) are being
to India at the moment. If one were to assume that such economic and
political ties remained in 100+ years then even if the NAC and India
not formal allies the mere potential threat of such a relationship may
enough to deter the ESU from attacking India directly. As far as I am
India and China still have disputed borders after their border conflict
the 1950's, these coupled with a future India (as Noah describes it)
projecting her fleet into the Indian Ocean could create a simmering rift
with the ESU.

The only problem is the next 100years, how does India stop the ESU,
especially when any potential allies in the pre or formed NAC have
fish to fry (like rebuilding the USA and trying to convince several
million Americans that the Red Coat is your friend...)

As for the English language, the American version is pretty much
as the business/cultural language of the entire planet, i.e.; 10 years
most EU documents were written in French, now pretty much all of them
drafted in English.

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