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[SG] Eureka Nam figs - 5 stars

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 13:54:07 +1100
Subject: [SG] Eureka Nam figs - 5 stars

G'day guys,

Well after a year of flat chat work (and with another fast approaching)
I finally got some leave time to paint up the mounting pile of lead in
the "Beth fig box". I got the last of my WWII Home Guard out of the way
- finally some heavy weapons and foxholes so no getting shot to pieces
by those no-good NSL in our crossover games... well ok I will get shot
up but I'll do some more damage back now ;)

Anyways on to the NAM figs. I was looking for some modern figs I could
use for sci-fi as the guys down here have pretty well snatched up all
the GZG ranges I liked and my budget doesn't stretch to Tau. After
digging around a bit I hit on Nic at Eureka's Vietnam Aussies. Nic
hasn't got his pics up yet (well not that I could find quickly at any
rate) but there's some pics up at

They're 28mm but mix in well with 25s from other ranges as they're not
"heroically proportioned"... i.e. no bulging muscles, and exagerrated
bodies and gear, just normal-shaped guys. They have very active poses,
crouching, patroling, reloading, fishing for ammo in pouches, giving
hand signals and the like. As they were done to be an accurate
reflection of what the Aussies had in NAM there are a mix of weapons
(submachineguns, SLRs, M16s, M60 machineguns, and grenade launchers).
They came with very little flash and were a real pleasure to paint as
they had a nice amount of detail that could be caught easily. 

I only two minor quibbles. One was that some of their faces are a little
flat, more Asian in appearance (bit like the Gurkha stuff from Eureka).
This is a really minor thing though as they paint up well anyway
(actually it was fine for me either way as I have a mix of races in each
of my squads). Lastly, the rifle barrels on a couple of the figs can be
a "fragile", a few broke off during the course of being painted up. This
is because the guns are as well proportioned as the rest of the figs and
not the usual oversized stuff you get. The breaks were no worries for me
as I was doing sci-fi anyway, might be a bit more of a hassle for those
doing Vietnam though. Derek said you could fix it simply with a hand
drill and putting in some fine brass rod. You'd have to have a steady
hand, but it would work. Despite that I still think they're damn good
figs and I'd whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants some
modern or near future soldiers that are dynamic and in floppy hat!
 s and battledress rather than helmets and body armour.

They get 5 stars in my book!!



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