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RE: Fleet Composition - What more should I get?

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 22:32:39 -0600
Subject: RE: Fleet Composition - What more should I get?

At 11:29 PM +0000 1/4/04, CS Renegade wrote:
>>  Actually, they were built w/ FB1 specs under the NAC guidelines.
>I don't quite follow. I checked FB1 before posting, and only
>the NAC BC Majestic seems to have the speed problem. The NSL
>are all slower than their opposite numbers but the Maximillian
>and the Richthofen can keep up with NSL destroyers, the FSE BC
>Ypres is as quick as any cruiser and almost all of the ESU
>designs travel at the same speed. Four very distinct design

Granted, but I look at thrust 6 as being 
marginally fast and only thrust 8 as bloody fast. 
Most capital ships seem to move about at thrust 4 
and the NSL heavies poke along at thrust 2. A 
thrust 6 BC seems the way to go, no matter what 
so as to be able to escape. I'm very up on the 
NAC craft, and don't quite recall the froggie 
>I've always thought the ideal raider to be the pre-war
>French supercruisers; long range, high speed, mediocre
>guns and no armour. As fighting ships they were useless.

Problem is, they need to have some survivability 
so as to handle a few hits before they get going 
in the opposite direction and beat feet.

>BC raiders are pests simply because it takes so much
>effort to put them down. It's not the impact they have
>on shipping that's the problem (though that can't be
>ignored), it's the commitment required to find them,
>trap them and then sink them.

Yep. That's why I put a bit of time into making 
some. Several (real) BCs and some Ticonderogas 
skulking about the FSE/ESU's shipping lanes would 
have to hurt.

>But here the BB is not the heaviest vessel around.
>There are also BDNs and SDNs to worry about. For that
>matter, defensively there's little difference between
>the Majestic and the Victoria. The BB has two PTs in
>place of a missile launcher and an extra B3 so I took
>the Majestic to be a cut-price BB. In a one-on-one
>encounter she's inferior, but put equal points on the
>table and that's a different matter.

The thing is, under 1901-1945 construction, many 
BBs fall under the SDN or DN focus what with 
their size as compared to the WWI and interwar 
years BBs. Almost twice the displacement. So, 
it's not far off. Some BBs are able to hang with 
the SDNs but their overall under-gunned. The big 
difference being the larger numbers of class 3s 
(usually) vs larger guns on the 'wet' SDNs vs the 

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