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Fleet Composition - What more should I get?

From: "Jalinth" <jalinth@k...>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 16:00:46 -0500
Subject: Fleet Composition - What more should I get?

Right now I have a nice small fleet and am thinking of expanding it. I
wondering what you would recommend for me to add. I don't have FB 1 yet,
will order it at the same time as I get any more minis. All are FSE.
from what I've read FSE is not the fleet for me. NSL sounds more like
what I
am looking for. Flying Bricks with lots o' guns. Started the fleet with
Birthday present before FB1 came out and continued from there. I will
probably use NSL or Custom ships for my actual stats, but I want to
a consistent look to my fleet.

My main opponent has a rather massive fleet of Phalons. He has Fleet
Book 2.
His fleet includes at least 1 of almost every Phalon ship. Including 1
each of the 2 largest (SDN and CVA).

So what do I need? More escorts? More bruisers? A Death Star?

This is more a general "What should a fleet have" question then asking
specific advice. I think...

Answer any way you want.

My List

3 Athena Class Corvettes

3 San Migel II class DD

2 San Migel DD (catalog says they are Trieste Super DDs now)

1 Suffren CL

1 Jerez CA	]=======

1 Ypres BC		      ||  This here is my Core fleet. I think I
need a bit more in here.

1 Roma BB     ]=======

1 Jeanne D'Arc CVA  ]======= Not yet Painted/fully assembled. Still
really impressive. Not
as impressive as seeing 5 large Phalon Cap Ships in formation, but
nice nonetheless.




"Mr. Spock, the women on your planet are logical. That's the only planet
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