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Re: Mecha miniatures

From: Ray Forsythe <erf2@w...>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 20:38:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Mecha miniatures

Bradley, Jason (US - Minneapolis) wrote:

> Hey guys thanks for the great links so far.  I should clarify
> since I made a mistake :)  When I said 15-28mm I meant not in scale
> that actual size!  Similar to DP9's scale for their Heavy gear stuff,
> where the gears are actually about the same size as a 25 mm miniature.
> Sorry for the confusion!

em-4 has nice mix'n'match plastic 25mm-28mm tall mechs:

They sell them 5 to a package (3 different body styles, 5 different arm 
style< all inter changeable).  ICE used to sell them 25 or 30 to a box 
under the name "Steel Warriors."  No idea if anyone sells them in the 
states now.

The various 15mm and 25mm GZG power armor troopers might work.	The FSE 
25mm in particular would work nicely:

I think GZG Japanese Ashigaru Powersuit would also fill the bill (does 
anyone have pics of these in 25mm?).

Ray Forsythe - -

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