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Re: FT-Sub systems

From: "Bif Smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 18:23:43 +0100
Subject: Re: FT-Sub systems

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From: David Rodemaker <>
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Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 12:45 PM
Subject: RE: FT-Sub systems

> > Subs require a energy storage system to use thrust or weapons while
> > submerged. This masses 5% of the ships mass, and can store x10
> > it`s own mass
> > in energy, with a nmin mass of 2 and a cost of x5.
> My big complaint with this is that FT has managed to keep energy
> out of 2/3 of the races at this point. UNless you are proposing that
> a race-specific ship type (not a bad idea BTW, but I would rather that
> cloaking variants be available to all) I would really prefer to keep
> way...

I included the energy point system to try and limit the amout of time a
can remain submerged, so a convoy escort can hang around and take a pot
against a sub when it has to surface if it tries to hang around.

> Anyone thought to reversing things? Make the cloaking/sub system so
> (18+ Mass) that it has to be mounted on a capitol ship-sized frame and
> leaves little room for any thing else (in capitol ship terms)?
> make an interesting economic limitation on building it and looking at
> scales of ships that seem to be talking about in FT I think that the
> at least as good for that as for fitting it only on little ships...

Their is arguments for both big subs and small ones. If you are going
commerce, many subs would be better to alow you to cover a larger area
sofor get more merchies) like the german WW2 wolfpacks, or if you are
after capitols or strategic targets, you can use modern examples like
hunter/killer subs or even the largest class of subs built so far, I
called the typhoon (?, not 100% sure) at 40 thousand tonnes, which was 2
pressure sub hulls side by side in a single outer casing.

> The other point on cloaking/sub systems is that they really are an
> of a systems that needs it's counter to play with. Without a set of
> rules cloaks/subs are not and will be be balanced.
> David
> (Who always played Romulans and is *still* tweaking sensor and
> rules for FT...)

There is ways to play them without a full set of sensor rules, it just
requires your own fudge <G>.

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