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RE: [FT] Cloaking Device. was: Sub systems

From: "David Rodemaker" <dar@h...>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 07:22:58 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] Cloaking Device. was: Sub systems

> Deep Diving (full cloak):  The ship drops off sensors and uses the
> Cloaking rules from MT (# turns under cloak declared etc).  No power
> expenditure except for MD is allowed (and must be prewritten as per MT
> rules)
> Periscope Depth ("Looking Glass"):  The ship moves on the table as
> expending power as above.  It can be targetted by ships with Enhanced
> Superior Sensors as normal.  Ships with only firecontrols active can
> launch ordinance weapons (SML/Plasmabolts etc), unless the
> cloaked ship has
> fired non-ordinance weapons itself this turn.

My current iteration on the rules is similar.

Keeping the Mass and Cost as FB.

Full Cloak (or Deep Cloak): As per MT.

Lurking (or Half-Cloak): Can See and Fire all weapons. However: Each
all opposing ships can roll 1d6. On a 6, the lurking ship can be spotted
fired upon *that turn only*. The ship is -1 to hit per die with all
unless Active Sensors are used (save for MT missiles or fighters of

Mods to Roll to Detect:

+1 Enhanced Sensors
+2 Superior Sensors
+1 per weapon system fired that turn by the Lurking ship.
+1 per Thrust Point used by Lurking ship (Includes Thrusters!).
+1 Active Sensors Used by Lurking Ship

When moving from Normal to Lurk it is fired at with a -1 per die, when
in a
turn that it is going from Lurk to Full Cloak it has an x2 range effect
fired at.

A ship has to change to Lurk mode before changing to Full Cloak mode.
Full Cloak takes 2 rounds to achieve)

A ship can fire on the turn that it comes out of Deep mode.

Going from Lurk to Full Cloak or from Normal to Lurk is a firing action.
have generally let the ship use an extra Firecon for "Cloaking
and thus be able to pop-up, fire, and then sink back down into Full
mode and getting the double range bonus on being hit for the turn (and
possibly a further -1 if no active sensors are used). Moving to Full
has to be declared at the start of the turn (or as soon as they "come

Ships come out of Full Cloak and/or Lurk at the beginning of turns.

Yes they are nasty, but it seems to work out in play.

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