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RE: FT-Sub systems

From: "David Rodemaker" <dar@h...>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 06:45:03 -0500
Subject: RE: FT-Sub systems

> Subs require a energy storage system to use thrust or weapons while
> submerged. This masses 5% of the ships mass, and can store x10
> it`s own mass
> in energy, with a nmin mass of 2 and a cost of x5.

My big complaint with this is that FT has managed to keep energy
out of 2/3 of the races at this point. UNless you are proposing that
subs be
a race-specific ship type (not a bad idea BTW, but I would rather that
cloaking variants be available to all) I would really prefer to keep it

Anyone thought to reversing things? Make the cloaking/sub system so
(18+ Mass) that it has to be mounted on a capitol ship-sized frame and
leaves little room for any thing else (in capitol ship terms)?
make an interesting economic limitation on building it and looking at
scales of ships that seem to be talking about in FT I think that the PSB
at least as good for that as for fitting it only on little ships...

The other point on cloaking/sub systems is that they really are an
of a systems that needs it's counter to play with. Without a set of
rules cloaks/subs are not and will be be balanced.

(Who always played Romulans and is *still* tweaking sensor and cloaking

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