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Re: [FT] I have more ships

From: Chan Faunce <chanfaunce@t...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:26:46 -0700
Subject: Re: [FT] I have more ships

I've put together a couple of Starblazer minis before. Note: you will
not use all of the photo etched pieces. I think the most I put on was 8,
but some might take more. There should be  an instruction/diagram sheet
with each ship. If you need additional reference got to: . I held the p-e piece with
tweezers and put accelerator on it, then put glue on the mini. 

The Minerva-like NAC ship is the Miyazaki DD (OOP), and, no, it only has
one 'wing'.

As for info on Starblazers, someone else will have to help you. I
haven't seen the show... yet, I am trying to find someplace that rents
the videos before I break down and buy them.

Glenn M Wilson wrote:
> eBay - a curse and a blessing...
> Anyway,  I am now in possession of a motley collection of ships for
> Humans and Aliens in my campaign.
> I now have the following:
> (from largest to smallest, sort of;
> Unopened Blisters:
> 2 x SB #3002 COM Battleship
> SB #2003 CAM (?) S Type Battleship
> SB #2002 CAM Battle Carrier
> SB #2004 Gam Desslok Command Ship I (fiddly bits)
> SB #2001 GAM Tri-Deck Carrier
> SB #1004 EDFS BattleCruiser (Yikes, what's with all the fiddly bits? 
> this is 'one' ship?)
> FT105 NAC Tico DD
> FT202 ESU Lenov Scouts
> loose in package:
> a NAC style ship smaller then Ticos (shorter overall, shorter neck,
> shorter body, smaller 'head',) one wing (left, right one missing I
> assume) looks like Minerva in FB1 only significantly longer wing.
> I /think/ (note: *very* open to suggestions) I will 'make them' to be:
> 2 x SB #3002 COM Battleship -  Human	or Mertun CA's or BC's
> #2003 CAM (?) S Type Battleship - Possible Nekton CA or BC
> #2002 CAM Battle Carrier - a hybrid CA/CV perhaps
> #2004 Gam Desslok Command Ship I (fiddly bits) - a Nekton CL/CE/CA
> #2001 GAM Tri-Deck Carrier - Human CVL
> #1004 EDFS BattleCruiser (Yikes, what's with all the fiddly bits?  ANd
> this is 'one' ship?) - a DD?
> FT105 NAC Tico DD - DD's
> FT202 ESU Lenov Scouts - Scouts
> 'Loose' Ship - a Corvette or Frigate or maybe an Auxillary (Sensors?)
> As for the NAC/ESU mix - well, here on the frontier, you use what you
> get.
> And to think, after the beads ships I was going to try and get some
> ships....
> Since I am not familiar with Starblazers (the general idea only) any
> 'history' would be nice, especially about all the fiddly bits and the
> 'helicopter blade' in the #1004 EDFS Battlecruiser blister.  Not that
> will be incorporated in the FT design but just for discussion and my
> understanding of their designs...
> Gracias,
> Glenn/Triphibious
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