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Re: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:35:13 +1000
Subject: Re: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)


 >Let's see, we've determined that KV juveniles are aggressive males but
 >they later become somewhat less aggressive females.

Less physically aggressive..... but mentally... ouch ;P ;)

 >And we know that there are some "Walkers
 >of the Path" who are a little more peaceable
 >than the regular KV.	And Tom (or Los) has
 >proposed that there are Warrior caste (normal troops)
 >and Hunter caste (elites).  So maybe the
 >Walkers are born with an excess of KVestrogen or a deficit of
 >KVtestosterone; and the Hunters would
 >have the reverse problem?

Biochem isn't my strong side, but the Walkers may well have a "problem" 
more with the KVadrenaline system rather than the sex hormones. Sex 
hormones do influence overall natural settings of aggression and 
development etc, but they're not the sole answer as conditioning etc can
it too. Age old nature vs nuture debate rears its ugly head there. The
(as I understand it) is much clearer if you slide into ancillary systems
all have - and as the Walkers don't go into Ro'Kah (which in turn
from strong emotional stimulation) I'd say its more likely to stem from
ancillary (e.g. adrenaline) side of things.

The hunters on the other hand (I would say) would result from either 
training or a mindset or both (i.e. more likely to stay in being a 
"supersolider" if you're that way inclined in the first place, I'd
Unless of course Tom and Los have specifically mentioned its a
thing <;)>, I'd say its more likely a neurological and nuture based 
tendency to be that way (like loners etc in our societies) rather than
excess of anyone sex hormone.

In other words I'd say the motivations and mutations of the KV are going
be as complex as what makes people placid to predators in our 
societies...leaves it open for lots of fun
then too ;)



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