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RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 09:33:02 +1000
Subject: RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

G'day guys,

 >Are they psycologically drawn to
 >certain colors. Humans are; note how our
 >eyes are drawn to the color red.
 >This is probably a survival instinct.

Last thing I heard (so this may have been updated since as that was in 
undergrad about 5 years ago) was that it was a bit of a chicken and the
thing. Fruits and berries are brightly coloured...especially the tastest

(red, yellow, oranges mostly) and so are we clued on to the colours
in our evolutionary past they were good sources of food, or do fruiting 
plants use these colours to get our attention? Bit of both probably, as 
reds, yellows and oranges in combination with black are natures
"danger" sign - so the colours already existed in the plant world as a 
whole and were probably just stripped of their association with black to

get our (mammals and birds) attention to something good rather than bad.

 >Do they have tunnel or wide vision?

The fact the bare headed ones have eyes set like ours would suggest 
binocular vision.... where tunnel vision is not using your resources to

 >How much does movement attract attention?

If they're as deadly as we all say, probably A LOT! ;)

 >What is the "easy" focal lenth of thier vision?

That's a good question and would come back to the original "scene" of
evolution. If they evolved in "open" areas they would (probably) have a 
better time seeing further away than we do, but if they are aquatic then
would be closer in.



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