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Re: FSE colour schemes site

From: Jon Davis <davisje@n...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 19:20:06 -0400
Subject: Re: FSE colour schemes site

> Matthew Smith wrote:
> Hi
> Recently I've been working on something that might interest those FSE
enthusiasts out there.
> Basically, I thought it might be fun if I created a sort of compendium
of actual FSE fleets
> and colour schemes, with a little background and whatnot, just because
I'm a big fan of what
> GW calls fluff and everyone else probably does too. Well, GW does. I
don't really know
> actually. :-)
> Anyway, what I've been aiming to do is "catalogue" (- I use this in
the very loosest sense of
> the word) the various actual, real, FSE forces which exist in real
miniature collections.
> I've been doing some diagrams to show colour schemes of FSE fleets
that I have seen on the
> net, and of course my own, and I've got four fleets up at the moment:
mine, Beth Fulton's,
> Samuel Penn's and Paul Grogan's.
> The address for my site is,
and the particular page
> is So come and have a
> Now clearly, there are more than four people out there with FSE
fleets, so if other
> Commandants get in touch with me as a result of this post I'll be very
happy. Also, does
> anyone know the e-mail address of Jon Davis? I've made a diagram
showing the colour scheme
> on the FSE CH on his website, but I don't want to put it on my site
without his permission.
> Right then, thats about it.
> Matthew Smith

A nice page...	You have my permission to add my color scheme to the


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