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Re: [FT] Just received my order yesterday...

From: Allan Goodall <awg@s...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 18:49:48 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] Just received my order yesterday...

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 12:20:41 -0700 (PDT), Brian Burger

>Blast. I created the 'photos' sub-directory to mke file management
>easier,and I could have sworn I'd updated all the image links...

Nope. Those images are in the sub folder. I did the same thing DB (Da
did and checked for sub folders. Voila, there she be.
>I'm flattered! It's really a pretty easy conversion, and hte Marder
>(at least for North Americans) 'odd' enough to pass reasonably as an SF

Oh, the Marder is a good one! My fave for SF. What's better than the
1A3 is the drivers training variant. It comes with a dome-shaped cupola
the gun is usually mounted. I use those as command vehicles. There's
also the
Roland, a missile launching variant with a big radar antenna on top. I
modified the launcher a little and it looks neat.

Brian doesn't use Sculpey. I tried to go the Sculpey route, but found it
too difficult. Sculpey has to be baked. I could mold the putty the way I
wanted, but it was always deformed in the process of removing it from
bottom of the vehicle. I'm going to use Brian's suggestion of clays and
let it
air dry.

I have something else in mind for the Sculpey. I'm going to craft some
slit trenches with it. I'm also going to take a crack at creating
with it. I bought Super Sculpey as per an article I read on The
Page about using it to create historical buildings. I've got a cool idea
would make an excellent convention game. I just need some ideas for

Allan Goodall
Goodall's Grotto:

"Now, see, if you combine different colours of light,
 you get white! Try that with Play-Doh and you get
 brown! How come?" - Alan Moore & Kevin Nolan, 

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