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Re: Eureka 300 Club 15mm Figures

From: "Jason Weiser" <atlas7d@e...>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 13:08:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Eureka 300 Club 15mm Figures

Sounds GREAT, but the Parasite range of 15mm has many of these features,
Any chance though, you can get some LAWs and sniper weapons?


BTW: Good gaming with you on Fri Night
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  From: Stuart Murray 
  Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 11:51 AM
  Subject: Eureka 300 Club 15mm Figures

  Dear Listers,

  I was talking to Nic of Eureka at Historicon about his 300 club, he
showed me some samples and they were superb. As a result I was inspired
to get some figs cast up. 

  The range I am trying to commission are generic US mid-tech Marine
Corps. They legally CANNOT be Aliens Colonial Marines. Instead, they
will have contemporary/modern looking helmets with cameras on the right,
clamshell armour, shin/calf armour, lights over the left shoulder,
standard/light belt order (water, respirator pouch, ammo pouch, utility
pouch, handgun case, combat knife etc). The basic side arm will be a
compact over/under rifle with grenade launcher, it will have a
retractable stock and general high tech look. The support weapon will be
a long gyromount machine gun fixed to a harness.

  I am going to commission four/five poses as a minimum (if more folks
get on board then we may go for more). The poses will be an officer/NCO,
probably pointing/waving on, marine firing with rifle braced at the
shoulder, marine patrol advancing with rifle braced at ready, possibly a
marine advancing with motion tracker and rifle at high porte (to be
ready for conversion to EW marine by addition of backpack and new
helmet) and marine with gyromount support weapon advancing at ready
(potential head variant without helmet?). I am going to suggest to Nic
that he packs them in packs of nine figures: one NCO, two gyromounts and
six rifles (potentially, four regular, two motion trackers). 

  One important note is the SIZE of these figures, from the sample I saw
they will not be 'true' 15mm at 1:120 (like Quality Castings), instead
they will be the size of the Peter Pig 1:100 figures, this will mean
they will look slim compared with the new GZG figures, but they will be
in complete proportion with the old GZG and Peter Pig.

  Nic tells me that the most cost effective way of getting these figs is
to get 300 cast, that way the figs are the regular Eureka prices. I'm
sending out this mail to see if any of you chaps want to make a firm
commitment to any number of these figures. This commitment would entail
sending Nic a credit card number and figure count as a part of this
order. In advance of this order I am collecting preliminary commitments
so that if we do not breach the 300 mark then we can calculate costs to
determine if we still want to go ahead with the order.

  The info I am looking for is:

  Name, Email, Number of nine fig packs. e.g.
  Stuart Murray,, 14 packs (126 figs)
  DO NOT send me credit card info. My email address is:

  When I have got an idea of how many figs folks want I will contact Nic
(he is cc'd with this mail) and determine costs. Once I know costs I
will email folks and then we can decide if we want to go ahead. If we do
then we each contact Nic. Before he goes ahead with the sculpting I will
provide him with all pertinent details for the figures, and will be the
point person for decisions on poses, details etc. For those of you that
have me at the GZG Conn you know that I am careful about my figures, in
addition, while talking to Nic it appears we have similar views so I'm
confident we will get great figs in dynamic poses with good detail.

  As an aside, if we do generate enough interest then I plan to talk to
Nic about a generic airportable 4x4 APC with a turret on rails and
forward cannon. (though at the moment the appropriate Galoob
micromachine packs can still be picked up reasonably on Ebay).

  Any further questions please drop me an email at the above address as
I am no longer on the list.


  Dr. Stuart Murray

  Department Of Cell Biology Tel: (718) 430 2168
  Albert Einstein College Of Medicine Fax: (718) 430 8574 
  1300 Morris Park Avenue email:
  New York 10461


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