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Re: Modelling Scales

From: Allan Goodall <awg@s...>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:54:59 EDT
Subject: Re: Modelling Scales

> If a model is 1/72, then presumably the appropriate figure size is
> (unless my maths is significantly lacking)
> However generally speaking manufacturers link 1/72 with 20mm.
> What is the deal with that?

This has been discussed several times on this list and on Usenet, but I
have noticed that some aspects haven't been cleared up.

If you take 185cm (roughly 6') and divide it by 72, you do get
approximately 25mm. So, 25mm SHOULD be 1/72. Except...

First, how do you measure the figure? From the soles of the feet to the
top of the head? From the base of a boot to the top of the head? From
the soles of the feet to the eyes? This is part of the question. 

I seem to remember seeing the "feet to eyes" idea years and years ago,
but others have said it's a more recent phenomenon used to explain
"oversized" 25mm figures. I haven't found anything definitive either

Second, how tall is the figure you are modelling? If you have Celts at
25mm tall, they should not be modelling someone 6' tall, but probably
closer to 5' 6". Modern average height for a male is 5' 10", even.

The Miniatures Page has a good scale listing. It's found at:

25mm is closer to about 1/64 scale. Supposedly. 

> Really what I want to know is how compatible are 1/72 vehicles with
> (say Stargrunt) figures

1/72 are a bit small. There's also the question of whether you are
talking about "1/72" scale vehicles or "HO model railroad" scale
vehicles. When I was a kid, we sort of freely associated HO with the
1/72 scale Airfix figures (which, if I remember, had "HO" written on
them). HO scale is closer to 1/87 scale.

I use Roco HO vehicles with the 15mm SG2 figures and they look good. 

If you use oversized 25mm, then you can kitbash 1/48 scale or 1/35 scale
vehicles for use with them. The manufacturer and vehicle you choose will
dictate how close they look.

For true 25mm, you're going to have to play around. 25mm is closer to
1/64 scale, but if you look at what toy stores call 1/64 scale vehicles,
you'll find them a bit small. I have used Lledo diecast vehicles with
Call of Cthulhu 25mm figures, and they are a good match. Lledo I think
is true 1/64. I also have used Solido 1/43 scale diecast vehicles. Most
of these are a bit oversized, but not so that you'd really have a
problem if it were a tank or something. 

That's another thing... Metal figures are cast a bit more bulky than
plastics. Plastics are more "realistic" but on a table top, you often
find bulky metal figures more aesthetic. It has a lot to do with
perspective, lighting, and perception. Anyway, a vehicle in an accurate
scale for SG2 might have hatches that are too small for science fiction
models. Most vehicles are modern or WW2, with small hatches. They aren't
designed for figures with armour like those produced by Jon at GZG. I
find the hatch size to be more of mental "scale association" than the
physical size of the vehicle. If the hatch looks okay, go for it.

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