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[SG] Religious Wars Re: Modelling Scales

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 09:54:12 -0500
Subject: [SG] Religious Wars Re: Modelling Scales

We've talked endlessly about this many times before...	there's probably
lots in the list archives about it.

Certainly true! Also, numerous posts to

FWIW, my rules of thumb are:
15mm figs with 1/87 or 1/100 vehicles.
20mm figs with 1/72 or 1/76 vehicles.
"True" 25mm figs (eg: our stuff) with 1/60 vehicles
"Big" (GW) 25/28mm figures with 1/48 vehicles.
However, it's all SF, so you can be flexible - use whatever looks good!

Good guidelines, but most of the arguments seem to center on sculpting,
scale. I've some 1/48 plane crew from a B-25 kit that are almost half
as tall as a GW IG fig, but any hatch that would be snug for the crew,
IG soldier would not pass. His shoulders would just be TOO big to fit.

>Really what I want to know is how compatible are 1/72 vehicles with
>(say Stargrunt) figures

They'll look a bit small.

Well, during a rec... thread, I pointed out that I thought most APC's
a lot smaller than folks think, and had several professional passengers
agree that they were plenty crowded. ;->=

Also, I have it on good authority that AFV's look MUCH bigger bearing
on you than viewed from 'on high'.

HUGE YMMV here. Hope the referred-to web sites and archives can put this
one to rest for awhile.

I still question how an AI is going to get out of the tank and help
you fix that thrown track or torn skirt.

Of course, it's going to replicate the damaged part, and teleport it

...diving for the inadequately anti-flame reinforced bunker.


-Douglas J. Evans, curmudgeon

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