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Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 14:52:56 -0400
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> --- AlarishiR&D
> > > > what a typical pose from engineers would be (I
> > > > refrained from suggesting "hoisting a stein"). 

> Yrk, yrk, yrk.  Drinking Jack Daniel's from the bottle
> the day you get back from the field?

> > > I though lecturing was the standard engineer 
> > > pose :)  Or basking in their own magnificence? 

> Also very good poses.  
> Good Engineer poses:
> In the prone, probing (not with a bayonet!).
> Carrying a bangalore torpedo, running while crouched. 
> For extra points, do a squad bag with 6-7 casualties,
> one bangalore mini, and a full squad firing from the
> prone with a bangalore section next to each man.  As
> each man gets up and runs, his mini is replaced by the
> running mini, then by the casualty.
> Running with satchel charge.
> Operating 'flamer' (I presume the GZG-verse flamers
> have somewhat reduced chance of exploding their
> wearers in a fireball.  Or you can make a varient pose
> of 'human torch').
> Prone, with wirecutters.
> No matter what poses you have engineers in, always
> have at least an 'assault pack' full of demo or
> something.  Maybe some wirecutters tied to their LBE,
> or a satchel charge over their shoulder, or something
> that makes you think 'he's doing an impression of a
> pack mule.'
> One of the things I've become convinced of is that by
> the 22nd century, the mechanized combat engineer is
> going to be a bit of a rarity.  The majority of
> engineer tasks will be done by vehicles, possibly with
> drones for some of the trickier stuff.  Especially as
> all our main dismounted missions are suicidally
> dangerous in high-intensity combat and most of them
> can be approximated by vehicles.  The big exceptions
> are going to be in 'light' units, and in those grubby
> little low-tech colonial crap-slinging contests (See:
> Epsilon Ceti).  So maybe what we need is a mod kit for
> the resin tanks with a Line Charge launcher, dozer
> arm/mine plow, pneumatic grapnel launcher, and enough
> antennas for every sensor known to man.  Oh, and an
> alternate barrel for the main gun that's about 3 scale
> feet long (Ask Tom Barclay if he's still got my
> messages I sent him last year about combat engineer
> vehicles in the 22nd century).
> John

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