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RE: [DS2] Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 11:34:38 -0400
Subject: RE: [DS2] Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

I am unsure that it would generally happen. People tend to stay at one
if it is somewhat effective rather than switch to another task, even if
is more effective, if it envolves a change of mind-set. 

I find it difficult to believe that the gunner in a vehicle would get up
from his controls for the main vehicle gun to grab the controls of the
remote APSW. Then jump back and forth. Even if the same controls could
switched from the main gun to the APSW, a change in mind-set and time
the software to load parameters for the new weapon would present some
and degredation in effeciency. The gunner would be changing to a new set
mental clues to look for as targets, a new set of effective ranges,
different readouts to indicate the staticstics of the weapon (is it
overheating? Is it near the end of ammo? Is it near the end of its
etc.). Especially if the gunner is worried that while he is firing the
spitgun at soft targets, that an enemy Deimos may crest the hill and
him away. 

The same reasoning applies to switching guns in the same turret. If you
firing the MDC/3 at an approaching Andromeda, you won't want to take the
time to switch to a DFFG/3 (even if it can be done in 15 seconds and the
MDC/3 takes 20 seconds to reload). 

As has been pointed out a lot in the DS2 turn is abstracted (hence the
variable time of a turn). One of these things is the weapons fire. Each
weapons fire is not, specifically, one shot. It represents the
of the weapon, gunner and vehicle driver over the entire time frame of
turn. It's not just that you fire your HVC/2 at the Paladin. It is that
maneuver around the defile for a clean shot, fire, but miss, evade while
reloading, and fire again, this time tagging it dead center.

Brian Bell
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From: Glenn M Wilson []
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 10:35
Subject: Re: [DS2] Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

I understand that part.  I was trying to say that at/under APSW range
(12") you can use main gun *or* APSW (self turret, coax, pintle) but you
couldn't use the main gun *and* an APSW at the same firing at a target. 
And that's strange given the flexible but up to 15 minutes lengtth of
turn.  You should be able to fire the main gun and the APSW at infantry
and other soft targets in the same fire phase...

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On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 11:20:07 -0400 "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)"
<> writes:
>Reread the rules. It gives a MAXIMUM, not MINIMUM, range. So the MDC/5 
>be used down to 1" or less.
>Since no dice are thrown (only chit pulls), and the number of chits 
>validity do not change over that distance, it makes no difference how 
>they are.
>Brian Bell
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>From: Glenn M Wilson []
>Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2001 10:48 AM
>Subject: Re: Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets
>But the issue of the 'either or' use of main gun /or/ APSW still 
>Page 28 "Direct Fire" has each element of a firing unit choosing one
>target (and FWIW, I assume that means the dismounted Infantry *or* 
>supporting APC's/IFV's) [Only SLAM's can target - indirectly at
>medium/long range - surrounding units] but not both.)	Pg 35 
>states firing an APSW at infantry from a vehicle eliminates the use of
>it's main gun.  In light of DFFG/HEL/RFAC/MDC/HVC/SLAM (at close range
>only) CAN target infantry separately  [page 36] there is an 
>anomaly - HEL's get 36" at 2 dice,  RFAC/MDC/HVC at medium range 
>from 8" for DFFG/1 to 48" for MDC/5) for 2 dice,  DFFG with three dice 
>Medium Range (Varies from 8" to 24"), SLAM's target at 12" (3 to 5 
>and APSW 12" with 3 dice.  So, a Tank with an MDC/5 can fire at 12.1" 
>48" with it's main gun and get two dice but when the target gets 
>12" the main gun is locked out (Geneva Conventions 2?) and only the 
>works?  That doesn't fit with current real world practice - Back to
>Zumbro's book for example.  I think that needs some re-thinking but 
>cover it with a house rule for my games.
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