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Re: [DS} a few of questions

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 22:12:33 EDT
Subject: Re: [DS} a few of questions

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001 10:35:49 -0500 "Noel Weer" <>
>1) What happens to an VTOL or aerospace that is hit and the chits draw 
>This came up twice in our recent battle- we collectively decided that 
>VTOL puts down right where it is and can no longer move - a controlled
>crash. There was a least one of us that voted for it to be equivalent 
>to a
>boom. This seemed a bit harsh, because the controlled landing allowed 
>their crew main remain in and fired from the downed position... I can 
>that an aerospace would crash if immoblized, though.

If it's low altitude it takes damage when it strikes the ground (say two
chits, just to give it a chance of suffering damage/Boom from the
crash...) and is immobilized in place (1-4" further along flight path.)

If it's high altitude, and an older 'helicopter' I would suggest it have
a chance to make a controlled crash (two chits again if it fails) based
on the quality of the pilot [D6-3 roll that is equal or above pilot
- represented by the 'quality' chit color of the unit for simplification
- so:  Veterans succeed on 4-6, Regulars on a 5-6, and Green on a six.	
More modern tech might lack the ability to 'windmill' to a safe landing
or (based on your PSB) might have same chance to pull off this type of
landing.  Possibly even  better but that is not very likely as I
understand the advanced tech VTOL in DS2.  YMMV.

Obviously grounded are just that - immobilized on the ground.

>2) An ADS element is parked in the edge of some woods. An enemy 

As someone pointed out it depends on the target being within 12" of the
ADS vehicle...

>3) Let us suppose that a unit has routed. On its activation it must 
>from the map. It happens to be positioned such that it could move off 
>map in
>one movement and elects to do so. But, it is viewed by an enemy unit 
>in this
>movement and opportunity fire is declared. First, should the unit just
>surrender since it could be burned down even though it could escape in 
>movement? I know that is more a question of the commander's decision 
>what makes sense (just searching for opinions). Second, how sporting 
>is it
>to actually use opportunity fire on a routing unit leaving the map? I 
>in reality it can make sense, no matter how brutal, but for friendly 
>it seems harsh. Again, just polling for opinions. FWIW, I took the
>opportunity fire, just for fun. :)

Sherman IIRC, said it correctly "War is Hell, boys."

Personally I think I would save the Op Fire in hopes of using it on
enemies still trying to kill Mr's Wilson's Boy but in a game sense where
destroyed but not routed vehicles counted towards victory, it would be a
valid *game* technique.  But that's just me.

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