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DS2 AAR and questions

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:32:01 -0400
Subject: DS2 AAR and questions

Regarding the nice AAR:

You've just discovered the DS2 quantity vs. 
quality argument. This is the same point system 
that makes an army of jeeps with GMS/H just 
about the most powerful force you can field per 
point. High tech isn't quite worth what you pay 
for it, and quantity has, as one famous fellow 
once said, a quality all its own. I'd suggest that 
in these kinds of battles, you consider your 
board layout very carefully, you provide inexact 
detail to the two sides about what they may 
face thus forcing them to consider arty and air 
threats, and you consider giving the high tech 
force 10-15% more forces. 

Regarding the questions:

Immobilized VTOL - I agree with Brian - Low 
mode or Hovering - hard landing. High mode, 
crash, though why particularly off-board I can't 
see. What I did in SG2 when low mode VTOLs 
were shot down was roll 2d12, move them that 
many inches along their line of flight, and then 
crash them there. During the GZG ECC III 
scenario Grey Day To Die, one actually crashed 
on top of some of the forces that shot it down. 
The DS2 equivalent might be to roll d4 and 
move it that many inches and crash it. If in high 
mode, this might be d8" or d12". You could 
also randomize direction (or just say it is off 
board, but that lacks the chance for a SAR 
mission....) :) 

As for the ADS issue - every ADS I've seen or 
heard of probably uses direct sensors in order 
to get fast enough feedback to engage with 
guns or (in concept designs) with lasers. Larger 
scale ZAD or TAD systems probably use missiles 
and have ranges that make out-of-LoS sensing 
a requirement. But I suspect most ADS in DS2 
are laser or gun based and thus line of sight 
should be required. 

Alternately, if it is only light woods, you might 
want to let it fire with some seriously degraded 

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