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From: "Don M" <dmaddox1@h...>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 20:43:14 -0700
Subject: Re: Movies

Of a few years ago , a film called Wing Commander is a great Full Thrust
Pitch Black, very bloody great Stargrunt type film.
Lots of Animae, one comes to mind is called Big Wars (giant land ship
battles on Mars)

Don M

>    Okay, time to spice up the list a bit.  My 12 year old (whose movie
> viewing I edit) is in Canada for 5 weeks and my wife (who turns pale
> at the sight of cinematic special effects, aka "blood") will be gone
> for two weeks.  So during that time I'll be able to watch movies that
> I've always wanted to watch but have too much violence and/or bare
> skin.  These movies are of course..what?  I'm looking for a) movies
> that it's reasonably likely my local video shop may have; and b) films
> which are either good SF and/or useful background for wargamers.
> For example:	Saving Pvt Ryan; Aliens; Predator.
> Suggestions?

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