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From: devans@u...
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 21:52:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Movies

Well I'm thinking, oh boy, now for the fur to fly, but I hope we'll
restrict ourselves to recommendations, rather than critiques.


Zulu Dawn

Conventional wisdom is that Zulu is far superior; I know I find it a lot
more enjoyable, even with my strong liberal bias that the indigents
win. ;->= Hope you don't find that a spoiler.

However, as Zulu Dawn precedes it temporally, see it first, and enjoy
quality, ripping good yarn Zulu thereafter.

Just remember, for gaming inspiration, Evil Empire already did an 'Ork's
Drift'. ;->= More than enough to go around, though. And plenty of actual
games and web sites of the original to keep one going.

Mention of Sink The Bismark gets me trotting out my list of favorites,
it's one of the top three, inspite of heavy revisionism, and the same
charge has been laid at Tora, Tora, Tora. They STILL live there. Not
blood, though plenty of gaming grist.

I'd risk a remake of Sink The Bismark that made a stab at better
history. I
can hear the groans now.

There's a brit flick of an WWII assault on a German naval base with an
explosive laden DD, carrying commandos. Glory at Sea with Trevor Howard.
only mention it because I found a copy in a cut-out bin at a rental
and it may be available elsewhere.

There's a movie of The Cruel Sea and I've never seen it?!?!?

If you can stand heavy propaganda overtones, Immortal Battalion and
in the North Atlantic, but how can you go wrong with David Niven or
Humphrey Bogart.;->=

I've been watching a lot of mediocre to really bad sci-fi flicks, I
mention names for fear of violating rule number one above, but I'd sure
like to hear something good for warfare even moderately recent.

I think, inspite of obvious pandering to children, Last Starfighter
up well. Enemy Mine does Robinson Crusoe in the main, and well IMNSHO,
the opening scenes are great battle footage. Soldier has moments.

If you've a Mech tendency, there's Robot Wars, RobotJox, and Robo

For science fiction of the quirky, strange, yet compelling variety, try

Rumored to be great, but I've yet to view are a couple of Russian films
Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris and Stalker.

Much anime', as mentioned, including the just released Final Fantasy,
though be ready for a bit of a let down at the end(heavy YMMV). I just
Legend of Galactic Heroes was widely available; recent scuttlebutt
indicates there's some, though small, possibilities flowering in the US.
gather France has just recently gotten some in general release.

Hmmm... it seems others have mention several of the above while I've
composing. I'll leave off here; too many obvious left unsaid, including
insulting-to-the-world Independence Day which still has some redeeming
qualities. ;->=

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