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Re: [FT] A few more fleets

From: David Griffin <carbon_dragon@y...>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 04:48:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] A few more fleets

--- Beth Fulton <> wrote:
> G'day David,
> These are all personal observations and probably
> reflect my playing bias so 
> you probably want to ignore them ;)

No I want the feedback.

>  >My Vree fleet
> I've never played any Bab5 Wars etc, so don't know
> if this question is out 
> of place, but if the ships are round why don't the
> weapon arcs sort of 
> reflect this - i.e. between the weapons on a vessel
> why don't they cover 
> 5-arcs rather than then forward 3? Personally I'd
> tone down the speed (at 
> least on the bigger ones) and swap out a few sub
> munition packs for 
> something with a little longer range.

Well, the reason is that that weapons with all
around arcs are ruinously expensive. I'd prefer
all around arcs, but you just don't get very
good weapons mixes at the cost I can afford. 

As designed they should probably stay back and
pot shot at the enemy at ranges where they can't
respond and flit away when they're charged. This
would tend to annoy other players though ;-)
For times when the enemy does get close, my idea
was to use the sub packs to give a good short range
punch. The drives ARE probably too fast, they
sure cost oodles of points being grav drives (yes
despite the symbol, they are grav drives). I'll
think about it.

>  >My proposed Indonesian Commonwealth fleet.
> Natuna missile cruiser isn't bad, though I'd be
> tempted to give it some 
> sort of beam just in case - maybe up its mass a
> little to squeeze a class 1 
> or 2 beam in or drop one round of slavos to fit a
> beam in? How many waves 
> of salvos do you usually get off in a game (normally
> I know you haven't 
> used this fleet)?

I've never played a fleet like this except for 
someone's version of the UN (not mine) and in that
case it was kind of a Kobiashi Maru scenario. I
started 18" away from 3 times my weight in Kravak
and I had to leave orbit around a planet all in
in a precise way that left me totally predictable
to the Kra'vak. Ughhh! 

The indos are set up to get in 2 waves and then

> Dore AA cruiser I'd drop a few PDS to give its some
> class 1s and another ADFC.

You're not the first to make this suggestion.

> Kupang missile cruiser I'd drop a screen level and
> pick up some beams.


> Rakata supercarrier I'd drop some PDS and pick up
> some class 1s.

Actually, I've gotten fond of carriers that can
actually fight, but this was done before that.

> As you may have guessed I'm not keen on ships that
> are all missile or PDS 
> armed as I've found they can quite easily end up
> being sitting ducks even 
> if part of a larger fleet.

This was sort of a concept fleet, but it's probably
too extreme. My experience is if you rely on 
ordinance, you'd better have a lot of it, but it's
probably too extreme.

>  >My proposed pirate fleet
> You're going to have to be good at getting in
> close!! I haven't sat down 
> and calculated hull strength, but you'd want to make
> sure your hulls are 
> strong enough to take the pounding they could get
> being that close. Once 
> again I'd probably swap out some sub-munition
> packs/PDS for a beam or two 
> (even class 1s). You can still keep the feel of the
> fleet, but make it a 
> little less do or die.
> I must say I'm impressed by the amount of effort
> you've put in to this stuff!!

Oh, I've always liked number crunching. These fleets
have a little way to go before I actually play them.
I AM going to play the Romulans though and they are
less extreme in approach. I should probably balance
out the Orions so that as you say I swap some submunis
for some medium range beams, but the Orions are
designed for slash and run. They probably SHOULD
have needle beams really.

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