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FMAS Environment and Weather

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 23:52:55 -0400
Subject: FMAS Environment and Weather

Okay, we've looked at snow and cold. 

Let's now think about some other weather 


Extremely hot conditions result in (fascinatingly) 
many of the same types of effects (though from 
different causes) as do very cold conditions. 

People tire twice as fast, accumulating fatigue. 

People tend to be less effective (-1 QD shift) 
until they acclimate. They also tend to take 
themselves out doing dumb things like getting 
heat exhaustion, sunstroke, severe sunburn, etc. 
(roll Q die until acclimated - each 1 takes figure 
out for that scenario). 

The extreme heat will tend to overheat vehicles 
and powered armour. It will tend to mean that 
less armour is worn (too hot!). 

If in the actual desert, several other problems 
present themselves. Hot during the day, cold at 
night.	You can freeze to death at night in some 
deserts (poor heat retention). Sandstorms can 
reduce visibility as snow storms (10-50m 
visibility). They'd probably prohibit the function 
of GMS, but I'm not sure. 

What other kinds of extremities of climate might 
one deal with? 

Rain - Heavy rain may block visibility as snow or 

Wind - High wind will prohibit VTOLs from 
operating very successfully, especially copters. 
Anything with fans which flies NOE won't like 
winds that grab debris and throw it about. High 
wind will also play havoc with shooting - I'd say 
shoot as if one RB further away. And will make 
grenade tossing quite a risk. Any maritime 
venture (FMA Pirates anyone? I saw just that at 
GZG-ECC this year) would be impeded - high 
waves, wind push, and the risk of capsizing or 
swamping increasing would be amongst the 

I'll leave Zero-G and Airless Environments to 
Laserlight to speculate on. 

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