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RE: figure poses and MICVs

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:29:49 -0400
Subject: RE: figure poses and MICVs

At 1:32 PM -0400 7/10/01, Bell, Brian K (Contractor) wrote:
>I would imagine that an EMP Pulse is also a big red flag for artillery
>saying "Shoot Us! We're comming through here!"
>I expect the nastiest stuff will be non-electronic barriers.
>Monowire (if it exists in the GZG universe).
>Sticky Goo Puddles
>Explosives that react with the material on the sole of a boot or
>Pits with diamond crystal spikes.
>Designer crystal caltrops that break into smaller caltrops if
>Tumble Weeds made of fiber that resonates when in proximity to radio
>frequencies (then you look for a set distortion pattern).
>A field of superglue impregnated streamers.
>And dozens of things that are so nasty I didn't think of them.

These are all nice but like anything if you deploy it you may have to 
pick it up. How do you pick up a field of super glue streamers? A big 
drum of Superglue solvent and a sprayer will neutralize them. I 
wonder if DS2 would do it. It breaks down some rubber seals pretty 

Pits can be filled in during a breach. Sticky goo would be good for 
Civil and low intensity, but not likely high intensity.

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