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Re: figure poses and MICVs

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:53:59 -0400
Subject: Re: figure poses and MICVs

At 9:55 PM -0400 7/9/01, Thomas Barclay wrote:
>[Tomb adds]
>I'd like to see the generic line added to in
>the form of a few engineering figures - one
>in bulky armour with a mine detector (maybe
>even modified PA, though sensitive mines
>could be setoff by PA servos), and maybe

Aye, Soft non metallics only. PA servos, power source, all sorts of 
things on Power armour to make mines go *BOOM!*. EODs like to wear 
all sorts of stuff that isn't going to emit RF.

Course in the field a MCLC (Mick-Lick) or Bangalore is preferable for 
in stride breaches in a mine field. Safing a CDM could be done as you 
don't want Anti-Tamper devices in something you might want to pick 
back up when you pull out of an area.

>one planting a mine (CDM) and any other
>good poses for engineers (where's Full
>Metal Atkinson when I need him?). The
>reason I suggest generic is because then
>you could paint the fatigues to match any
>other army and you only need one line of
>these. The PSB is of course that as
>engineers and demo/anti-demo types use

Engineers doing an in-stride breach would look pretty generic. Its 
the scouts that would find the field in the first place. That's 
probably what is really needed. A Ghurka or a NAC Marine prone with a 
probe (fiberglass, carbon fibre or kevlar) looking for the mine field.

Of course in the day of electronic sensors he could be looking the 
high tech way, but then the CDMs could look for that sensor too and 
attack him. do you find a minefield when its protected by 
CDMs that want to blow you do shreds when you get close enough to see 

>special kit, they'll look different from the regs
>of any force anyway.

Hmm, a guy on the ground with a mine probe? *Franklin, 0700! 
Congratulations, you're an engineer, you go out and find mines!*

>[Tomb continues blathering]
>AIFV, RFAC/1, GMS/L, 2 infantry teams -
>fits in a size 3 vehicle but is illegal. Note
>someone said infantry teams are 6-8 guys. I
>believe DS2 specifies on infantry element to
>be 3-5 guys. Therefore the typical 7-8 man
>squad in an APC is actually TWO DS2
>elements, and therefore the design should
>be legal. Talking to Oerjan previously, given
>the weapon I had in mind is TOW II or
>Hellfire, the GMS should be GMS/H. And
>that not only blows weapon fit, it blows
>capacity too.

Jeeze, hard to imagine anything but power armour accomplishing much 
in a 3 man team. Sure an APSW team could work as 3 men. So could a 
GMSL. But a rifle squad has to be 5 men or so. Squads can break down 
into individual fire teams (2) but splitting fire teams across tracks 
seems a bad idea. Even the tightly packed Bradly IFV has room for an 
8 man squad.

>Of course, if we had some rules for
>weapons mounted outside of armour (like I
>think the TOW is on a Bradley), then we
>could use capacity "outside" the vehicle.

Well, that still counts as part of the vehicle capacity. You've got 
the Armoured box launcher and 2 rounds outside the vehicle, but also 
reloads under the floors or under the crunchy benches, a sight system 
and launcher control components in addition to the 25mm's control 

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