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RE: FT-Number crunching required (HELP)

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:36:34 -0400
Subject: RE: FT-Number crunching required (HELP)

4mu engagement envelope (probably should be 3mu).
No secondary movement.
Can choose target (like old MT missile).
Is destroyed on PDS 5-6 (like Salvo Missile).
We also limit launch to Active Sensor Range (54mu). So no off-board
(you don't want to take out that cruiseliner with a broken transponder

Our group does use ships with beefed up with ADFC/PDS nets.
But then again, we never have done a missile swarm either. The most
on the table at a time that I can remember is about 6. Our house rule is
that any ship leaving the table scores 1/2 vp for the opposition. So the
swarm of corvettes with a single missile is usually a loosing
We usually fly at 15-20 and most ships have at least a MD of 4. We also
not use markers indicating where the ship will be in the next turn or
measurement from opposition ship in the missile/fighter
phases (these makes it too easy for any missile of fighter to be on
every round).
With the 2 point restriction, MT missiles are usually a hit or miss
Either you guess right the 1st time or you loose the use of the weapon.

I will concede that they are unbalanced in large numbers (but no more so
than fighters).

I am curious, do you think that Fast Fighters (move 36mu, 2nd move 12mu,
range 6mu) is a bit much also? I know that the mass/cost, damage/mass
damage/cost is different. But they do get to make more than one attack. 

Missiles are like fighters the more you use, the more effective they
Fighter groups seem balanced at about 1 group per 3 friendly ships (
with a
balanced, mixed mass fleet), where no more than 2 groups attack a single
target in a single turn (playtesters can correct this perception if I am
wrong and indicate the correct balance point). In MT, MT missiles seemed
balanced at about 1 per 2 ships (where no more than 2 attacked a given
target in a given turn). My version, above, should meet this same

Brian Bell

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> G'day Brian,
>  >When MT Missiles came out they matched
>  >fighter endurance and Fast Fighters for speed.
>  >
>  >I have, in this adjustment, kept that balance.
>  >For vector, I change the middle 2 point turn
>  >for a starting 2 point turn.
>  >
>  >In play it may be too much, but in the limited
>  >playtests, it has not proven so. A +/- 2 point
>  >turn means that it take 3 turns to turn arround.
> Do you play high speed or manuverable ships? We've tried 18" primary +
> or 6" secondary move and even then we don't usually have trouble
> something. Based on that I just would've thought that 36" was a lot
> than you needed (even accounting for the 2pt turn restriction) -
> especially 
> compared to what an SM/SM-E can do. How do you work actual engagement,
> they have to touch or do they have an engagement envelope?
> Cheers
> Beth
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