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[FT] A few more fleets

From: David Griffin <carbon_dragon@y...>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 05:13:28 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [FT] A few more fleets

I've gotten around to posting a few more of my
fleets. I posted the ones I play a lot already
(Federation and the UN) but these are fleets
I've either not yet played, or haven't played
very much. Anyone who wants to is welcome to comment,
but since I intend to play the Romulans a lot, if
you decide to comment, you might start with that one.
Note that if I could have problems in the fleets
I play often and check often, there are likely 
problems here too.

Also, the Orion and Indonesian fleet are ideas
that probably need work. The Indos are modelled
loosely on the French while the Orions are 
designed conceptually for hit and run raids 
rather than long endurance. I don't really know
whether these concepts would really work well
in a fleet and haven't had the chance to find out


My proposed Romulan fleet. Can't use newly
created Romulan type weapons, but I have mounted
cloaks on the small ships. I also have versions
without cloaks in case I can't play the genre
weapons. Didn't mount cloaks on the big ships
because of cost and because I plan to use the
cloak as an aid to get the small ships in close
rather than to hide the entire fleet. It might
be easier to play on the table too.

My Vree fleet (only played once and I've 
redesigned them a bit since. In the one time I
played them, I charged in and got toasted. I
should have probably sniped at long range).

My proposed Indonesian Commonwealth fleet. Never
played, though I did play the miniatures once
with my Federation stats.

My proposed pirate fleet (modelled a little 
with the Orions in mind, that is to say more
of a pirate culture with their own planet than
a bunch of renegades). Never played, though again
I did play the miniatures a couple of times with
UN stats.

I also updated the UN to add a few ships I've
bought recently from brigade. Those Brigade
ships are really nicely done. I borrowed 
shamelessly from the gallery pictures on the
Brigade site for the carrier paint job and
it came out pretty well. New ones are the 
three carriers and the superdreadnought with
photographs rather than scans.

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