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RE: (SG)Check those numbers (long)

From: "David L. Dunn - DLD Productions" <dldproductions@z...>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 09:24:03 -0700
Subject: RE: (SG)Check those numbers (long)

>Need some help here.  Dunno if I'm doin' it right, but I'm designing
>a vehicle,
>and want to put some stats to it.  This is before I finish designing
>the model,
>so I know what to put on it, and what not to.	Here goes
>Class 2
>10 Cap
>Ar Val=2
>GAC/2 turreted=6
>	      10 Cap used.

You have a size 2 vehicle with 3 weapons plus the "free" APSW. Too
many weapons.

Hmmm...ok I'll have pull out my bible.  ;)
According to Jane's Tanks and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, 2ed.
An Austrian SK105 19 tons (approx,) classified as a Light Tank, has a
105mm, 1x 7.62mm.   ok.
Ah, the Chinese Type 62 "Light Tank" 23 tons, 1x 85mm, 1x 7.62mm coax,
1x 7.62mm (bow) and a 1x 12.7mm AA.
But the French AMX-13 16.5 tons, has 1x 90mm, 1x 7.62mm and 1x 7.62mm
The UK Scorpion Recon Vehicle 1x 76mm, 1x 7.62mm and only weighs 8.8
Here is the realllly good one.....
The CIS BMD-3	 1x 30mm, 1x7.62mm, 1xAT-5, 1x 7.62mm (bow), 1x 40mm
gren lnchr(bow), 1x 5.45mm (bow), and it carries 5 passangers and has a
crew of 2 and weighs 14.5 tons.  Go figure? All those weapons on that
little vehicle?  Nah...really?	:)
My point is this, that unless one knows what a class 2 vehicle is, how
can one to say, " Too many weapons."
I didn't mention the "free APSW" because I didn't put it on the vehicle.
So it's still only three weapons.
Yes I understand that this is Science Fiction, but we only have reality
based things to go from.  Who's to say that a "such and such Main Battle
Tank" can only have 3 weapons?	I don't believe that the above BMD-3
would be considered a MBT.  Not weighing in at only 14.5 tons, when an
M1 comes in at a whopping 59.9 tons!
Would stand to say, that:
 Class-1 up to 10 tons?     "(very small)"
Class-2 10-25 tons?	    "(Small)"
Class-3 25-50 tons?	     "(Medium)"
Class-4 50-70 tons?	     "(Large)"
Class-5 70 and up?	      "(Very Large)"
All this before coffee, egads!
I just thought I'd run the numbers on the vehicle I'm making, before I
finish it.  Wasn't sure if I did the math right or not.  All the rule
book says is that you can't put a weapon of a higher class on a lower
class vehicle.	ie. a motorbike with a MDC.  "'ere hold 'dis while I'z
aim!"  visions of a 40k orc warbike...."shudder" bad thought, bad

David L. Dunn
DLD Productions
"Striving to Make Your Gaming Real"

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