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Re: Rules Clarifications (new FAQ?)

From: "Chris DeBoe" <LASERLIGHT@Q...>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 12:23:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Rules Clarifications (new FAQ?)

From: "David Griffin" <>

> Secondly, in order to make it work, the person
> doing the compiling has to be able to do some
> of the work. Such a person would have to know
> Jon and intercept some questions he already
> knows have been answered by Jon or ruled on at
> a tournament so that by the time Jon looks them
> over, they're probably already right.

Is why I included the "keep track of the List's responses" to my

> Third, I just don't have the time.

This is why no one else has volunteered, either... ;-)
Well, that's not exactly true.	There are some masochists on the Test
who debate about things for upcoming projects (at the expense of having
Life), so to some extent, there *are* people who are compiling
testing answers, and submitting them to Jon.

But the point of yanking your chain with that workflow list I posted was
you'd notice the "Play the game, not the rules" part.  It's probably
impossible to clarify every little detail; if it is possible it would
greatly increasing the pice of the books *or* be available only due to
self-sacrificing hero who puts it on the Web, and the latter doesn't
those who don't have Web access (or don't know where to look). 
all you can do is hope your opponents have some maturity to them.

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