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RE: David's vehicle design

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 09:58:22 -0400
Subject: RE: David's vehicle design

Yes I do. But this is just my opinion.

I would imagine in the error of HELLs, DFFGs, and MDCs, something as
slow as
a missile would decline in value. Built in PDS should be able to handle
missiles unless the missiles have a lot of stealth/ECM in them. Adding
should take up space that would have been used for payload. Also
in armor technology should lessen the effect of the payload (either
decreasing damage or increasing the missile size). But all of this is
my view, your vision may be closer to today's vision.

But when talking about balancing factors, they should be equalized.
Balancing factors in DS2 design are capacity points and cost. Cost
differences would have to be greatly exagerated to provide the correct

Lets take a closer look.

Advantages of GMS
Dosen't need a turret
Base capacity (non-turret) is much lower than direct fire weapon with
same damage potential.
Attacks Top armor (I could be wrong on this)
Uneffected by Stealth
Uneffected by target size

ECM can spoof
PDS can spoof
Reactive armor

To me a GMS has quite a number more advantages than disadvantages (both
effect and quanity).

Not needing a turret and having a reduced capacity cost combine to make
VERY far off.
System	       Capacity Fixed	 Capacity Turret
GMS/L		     -			 2
Direct Fire/3	     6			 9
GMS/H		     -			 3
Direct Fire/5	    10			15

So now you have to ask if having to defeat PDS/ECM is enough of a
disadvantage to provide only having to pay 0.2 capacity and ignore
and Target size?

To me defeating either ECM or PDS is equivilent to the effect of stealth
small vehicle size. So the GMS still has an 5x advanage in
damage-to-capacity points.

Brian Bell

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> Do you think this is a design flaw, and it needs to be fixed?  Guided
> missles do hefty damage today in a relatively small package.

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