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Re: Suggested figure posings (for Jon Tuffley)

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 00:22:33 +0100
Subject: Re: Suggested figure posings (for Jon Tuffley)

><I've posted this to the list to see if anyone
>else has any new ideas or likes these>
>I've seen many figure poses over the last few
>years (having bought NSL, PAU, Gurkha, OUDF,
>FSE, NAC, Dutch, NI, ESU and other forces).
>Some are great, some look like they are trying
>hard to stretch in ways normal humans never
>could. Action poses tend to be either really
>solid looking, or really silly looking.
>One pose I have never seen, standing, prone,
>or kneeling, which would make for a good
>action pose:
>Figure (if standing or kneeling) with rifle held in
>one hand by the pistol grip, barrell near
>vertical.  Other hand with a magazine in it (no
>mag in the rifle). This represents mag-changing
>- either throwing out the old mag or about to
>insert a new one. If the figure was prone, the
>rifle would probably be laid sideways on the
>In a similar vein, you might have  the same
>pose but instead of having a mag in the off
>hand, you might have him fishing into a mag
>This would give you (if you used some of  your
>existing rifle-in-air poses) a number of new
>combat poses for a number of current ranges
>with only minimal resculpt. And it would add a
>realistic combat activity not often represented.
>Also, some poses with a figure throwing a hand
>grenade (yes, there are grenade launchers, but
>the hand grenade will still have uses indoors
>and when attacking over obstacles or into
>depressed locations or if you want to bounce
>your attack into a tough spot) would be nice.
>Just a thought since you've admitted to being in
>a Scultping Mindset. If I've gotta have you
>sculpting instead of working on FMAS, DS3 or
>BDS, then I want you sculpting ground-pounder
>stuff! :)
>Tomb Raider

Ta for the ideas, Tom, though I don't sculpt the figures myself - we use
freelance designers for that. I fabricate the vehicles and starships,
I'm not (and never will be) a figure sculptor.
There is actually a reloading figure in the Free CalTex (SGT) range -
even got the discarded empty mag on the base....

Jon (GZG)

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